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Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Waggers, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. Waggers

    Waggers Guest

    We have an SBS 2003 Standard R2 with 14 XP clients.

    Currently, we have GFI's Mail Essentials and Mail Security looking after
    Exchange and Symantec End Point Security looking after the clients PC's and
    all of our renewals are now due and I'm looking for alternatives.

    Having spent all day on the phone to Trend UK I've lost the will to live! -
    It really does seem that they don't want to make UK sales (I've put a quick
    rant at the bottom of this e-mail just in case there is a UK Trend expert
    out there).

    Can anyone recommend a UK supplier of an integrated security suite that will
    look after spam, viruses and any other nasties that may be lurking?

    One of the suggestions is F-Secure. Does anyone have any knowledge of this?

    Many thanks indeed.


    Trend rant:

    Trend pre-sales: "We can't sell direct, you need to contact a reseller as
    listed on our website"

    Me: "Your website lists AffinityOne Partnets and AffinityPlus Partnets,
    what's the difference and which one should I choose?"

    Trend: "I don't know"

    Trend pre-sales: "You will need a license for each computer"

    Trend Partner: "You will need a license for each Exchange Mailbox"

    Trend pre-sales: "The ongoing maintenance cost is 30% of the initial cost

    Trend Partner: The ongoing maintenance cost is 90% of the initial cost

    Me: "I've just downloaded the 30 day evaluation but when I click the
    installation file I get the error "Please go the control panel to install
    and configure system components"

    Trend pre-sales: "Can't help sir, I'll put you through to Technical Support"

    Trend Technical Support: "Can't help sir, you're not a customer. I'll put
    you through to pre-sales".
    Waggers, Jun 25, 2009
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  2. Waggers

    Leythos Guest

    We've moved all of our clients off GFI Mail Ess/Sec to the Watch Guard
    firewall UTM product.

    We never use Exchange scanning Symantec services (the older versions
    where a total PITA to manage rules with), but we do use and love
    Symantec End Point Protection for workstations and servers, without the
    firewall module.

    With the WatchGuard UTM anti-Spam, anti-Virus (for HTTP/SMTP) we've
    reduced false positives to 0.00%, limited spams that make it to the
    users mail boxes to 1-4 per week, and the users can manage/control the
    SPAM Quarantine themselves.

    After having used every anti-spam product on the market, free, paid,
    server based, etc... I have found that the UTM service (anti-spam) is
    the best option for our needs and our clients needs.
    Leythos, Jun 25, 2009
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  3. Waggers

    Nick Guest


    I don't know about Trend UK in general but Trend UK support used to be
    absolutely bloody top notch a few years back, it certainly isn't any more.
    This is supposed to be UK support but many of their support engineers don't
    understand English. Occasionally get a helpfull person but bloody awful
    service sometimes, I get the feeling that their support engineers need more
    managment control, some of them are a bit out of control, more interested in
    following a set procedure than actually trying to solve the problem. It can
    be sheer hell trying to talk to someone senior enough to solve the problem.
    Actually in the past we very rarly had need to call support but since WFBS
    5.1, which is not really stable enough for production use, we have had to do
    so more often.

    Back to your questions:
    Forget their website, find your own Trend reseller here or in other such
    places. If you get stuck let me know as I am a Trend reseller.
    You need a license for each Workstation and one for the Server, sold in
    blocks of five.
    Purchase/maintenance cost split is roughly 70%/30% so renewals are
    approximately 30% of original purchase price.
    Off the top of my head no idea, try downloading again, you are logged on as
    Administrator aren't you? Have you downloaded the correct product: WFBS.
    Keep going around the Pre-Sales/Technical Services loop, eventually you will
    find the person in possesion of the brain cell for the day. I will admit
    this can be a very negative experience.

    Have fun,
    Nick, Jun 26, 2009
  4. Waggers

    Waggers Guest

    Many thanks Russ and Nick for your input.

    I spent another few hours talking to Trend UK today and I'm absolutely
    amazed at how bad a company can be when it comes to helping a potential
    customer learn about products and setting up the trial. I can see why they
    are not a household name in the UK small business market!

    I've bitten the bullet and installed the Worry Free Advanced on our network.

    Without wanting to take too much of everyone's time here , I have noticed
    that the server and workstations slow to a crawl if the Client-Server Agent
    is running. I'm also finding that a piece of software on a client that
    'ftp's' an end of day manifest to a courier company will not work if the
    agent is running on the SBS box.

    I'm just about to talk to a local Trend reseller about this, but I was
    wondering if this was to be expected? The firewall setting in the Trend
    control panel is set to off.

    Waggers, Jun 26, 2009
  5. Waggers

    Gregg Hill Guest

    WFBS Advanced 5.0 worked fine for me on SBS 2003 networks, WFBS 5.1 brutally
    slowed my SBS 2003 network and my clients' SBS 2003 networks, but WFBS 6.0
    has been OK so far (I think!), although I am too afraid to install at my
    largest client that had all the problems with the 5.1 version. I spent too
    much of my unbuildable time figuring out what made everything so slow, only
    to find out it was 5.1. Reverting to 5.0 fixed the problems.

    I have not had any complaints of slowness (yet) with 6.0, but I **think** it
    has slowed me down a little, at least with web browsing.

    What version of WFBS Advanced did you install? 6.0?

    For your FTP problem, do you have the URL filtering and/or Web Reputation
    enabled? Check their respective logs to see if they are blocking the FTP.

    BTW, they do sell semi-direct, right on their web site (at least for US
    English versions)! I even have a link on my web site to take you to Trend's
    online store and it gives me a spiff if anyone buys that way.

    Gregg Hill
    Trend reseller in CA, USA.
    Gregg Hill, Jun 27, 2009
  6. Waggers

    Pino Guest

    This story isn't as bad as a Symantec support call I once made. They could
    not solve the problem, but for some reason the support guy was not "allowed"
    to tell me. So he kept going on in cirkels and tried to keep me from ending
    the call.

    Trend on the other hand has been a very pleasant e-mail support experience
    for me. I wanted something which wasn't supported in my version. I found it
    strange it wasn't included in my business version and they added it for all
    their clients. :)
    Pino, Jun 27, 2009
  7. Waggers

    Waggers Guest

    Many thanks for the info Greg - If we do go for Trend I'd be tempted to find
    a local (UK) supplier so we can build a relationship with them.

    Still having problems with 6.0 though so I've started a seperate thread to
    see if it's just us!
    Waggers, Jun 30, 2009
  8. Waggers

    Gregg Hill Guest

    I agree with Leythos. The antispam in the WG UTM is great!

    Gregg Hill
    Gregg Hill, Jul 11, 2009
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