Other than Acronis Backup what would you choose?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by SG, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. SG

    SG Guest

    Hi all.

    As per my subject line, other than Acronis Backup what would you choose?.
    The only fault I have is the incremental backups being to large and all to
    often I have to delete some of these to make room on the backup drive.
    Backing up to a 120 GB drive same size as the user drive.

    All the best,

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    SG, Oct 3, 2008
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  2. SG

    Mingus Guest

    Mingus, Oct 3, 2008
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  3. SG

    Telstar Guest

    You may have a lot of compressed files on the drive which is why this is
    happening. My incremental backups on a weekly basis for 100 gb are about 10
    gb additional data...of course if you change a bunch of huge files, they are
    going to get backed up and will take space! However, this is not a problem
    specific to Acronis.
    Telstar, Oct 3, 2008
  4. I doubt that you'll find a better one. Solution is to get a larger
    drive to backup to.
    Paul Montgomery, Oct 3, 2008
  5. SG

    SG Guest

    SG, Oct 3, 2008
  6. SG

    SG Guest

    Hi Paul,

    A bigger drive is a solution, not the one I'm looking for, but thanks for
    the reply.

    All the best,

    Is your computer system ready for Vista?
    Want to keep up with the latest news from MS?
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    SG, Oct 3, 2008
  7. Nothing.

    In my case it does everything I need it to do. All I do is manual "full"
    backups, overwriting an older one if necessary. I always have 3-5 full
    backups in various stages of system development. With good notes as to what
    is in each backup I have options as to where my system will be when I do a
    Richard Urban, Oct 3, 2008
  8. Then just do full backups. If you only have room for one, then
    overwrite it with the new one.
    Paul Montgomery, Oct 3, 2008
  9. SG

    Rick Rogers Guest

    Rick Rogers, Oct 3, 2008
  10. SG

    Ed Y Guest

    Ed Y, Oct 3, 2008
  11. Paul Montgomery, Oct 3, 2008
  12. SG

    wwoods Guest

    I have 4 systems at home I back up to a HP Media server 'HP® Official
    Store — Buy Home servers from HP'

    Works great. Fulls once a week then diffs....lets you decide how long
    to keep fulls/diffs/dailys/weeklys/monthlys and is expandable
    wwoods, Oct 3, 2008

  13. I'm a very conservative person, so I think overwriting one backup with
    the next one is a dangerous, and therefore poor, thing to do. My
    concern is that a hardware failure can wipe out both the previous
    backup and the current one simultaneously. Yes, there's an extra cost
    to having two backup drives, but I think it's worth the extra cost and
    that's my preference. It permits alternation of the drives, so
    creating a backup doesn't also wipe out the previous one, but the one
    before that.
    Ken Blake, MVP, Oct 3, 2008
  14. SG

    Mikey Guest

    I use Norton Ghost. You can make incremental backups, or full backups.
    You can tell it what files to back up or it will back only the files
    that have changed. And I do a full back up once a month to my external
    HD which is a Western Digital 1TB drive and I do weekly updates and
    daily updates that I setup to certain standards for my machines. I also
    I ahve another external HD that I use for all my file sharing in my
    house such a music, movies and documents that way my back up drive can
    not get corrupted, well at least not yet... :)
    Mikey, Oct 3, 2008
  15. SG

    gls858 Guest

    Take a look at this Backup for Workgroups by Lockstep.


    It's a little pricey at $99 for a single PC but I know for a fact that
    it works well. We use it here at our company to backup four servers.
    Of course with licenses to backup SQL and multiple servers, external
    drives and such we spent quite a bit more than $99. But it beats the
    hell out of the old tape backup system that we had.
    It's quick, compresses the backup and has multiple storage options, as
    well as, drive spanning capabilities. It can also backup open files. It
    keeps a new versions (we have ours set for 10) of the file each time
    it changes. So if a file never changes it get backed up once. if it
    changes everyday then it gets backup everyday. So at the very least I
    have 10 copies of a file that changes everyday. All of this data can
    then be mirrored automatically to another drive that can be taken off site.
    We use 3 external usb drives and rotate the second. One is always off site.

    Standard disclaimer:
    No association or renumeration from yada yada. Just a satisfied user.

    gls858, Oct 3, 2008
  16. I share your conservatism AND your concerns. I have plenty of drive
    space to create backups on, and I never overwrite one when creating a
    new backup.

    When creating new full backups (usually weekly), I keep the previous
    one and all of its incrementals... when it's finished, I only delete
    the incrementals. I currently have 4 full backups on one of three
    extra internal drives, with the most recent one duplicated on an
    external drive.

    The OP appears to not want to spend the relatively small amount of
    money neede to get a larger drive, so the only options open are to
    either keep deleting incrementals and creating new ones, or to
    overwrite the backup and start a new string.
    Paul Montgomery, Oct 3, 2008
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