Outlook 2007 Contacts in Windows Fax and Scan

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Printing / Faxing / Scanning' started by Eduardo Macias, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. Hello,
    I have MS Outlook 2007 as my default for everything it can be set as default
    in the "Set you Default Programs"
    When I open Windows Fax and Scan, I can only see contacts from Windows
    I cannot see any of the Outlook Address Books.
    How can I see my Outlook Contacts?

    I have Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 and Outlook 2007 SP2.

    Any help is appreciated.
    Eduardo Macias, Aug 19, 2009
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  2. Eduardo Macias

    DL Guest

    Presumably in outlook your contacts are correctly configured, to be shown as
    an address book?

    In Fax & Scan tools> Contacts, the resulting window should have a drop down
    to select Outllook Address Book
    DL, Aug 19, 2009
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  3. Actually I found the solution:

    I kept reading in a lot of forums that Windows Fax and Scan uses the Default
    Contacts Application.

    So my mistake was to go to: "Default Programs"/"Set Default Programs" and
    make sure MS Outlook was the default for all file types.

    But the real fix is to got to: "Default Programs"/"Set Program Access and
    Computer Defaults", go to the "Custom" section and select "Microsoft Office
    Outlook" as the default e-mail program.

    After that, Windows Fax and Scan uses Outlook Contacts.

    Thanks for your help

    Eduardo Macias
    Eduardo Macias, Aug 20, 2009
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