Outlook2010 64-Bit does not sync with Mobile 6.5

Discussion in 'ActiveSync' started by Marc Bosch, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Marc Bosch

    Marc Bosch Guest

    Hi there,

    just installed Office2010 64Bit on my Desktop.
    (Clean Install of Windows7 64-Bit Pro, no other Email-Software, not even
    Windows Live Mail)

    Sadly it says when my mobile phone (HTC Touch Diamond 2) is connected:
    (Google Translate from German)
    "there is no default email client available, or the current mail client can
    not fulfill the messaging requirements. Run Microsoft Outlook and set Outlook
    as default email client"

    I tested 32Bit Outlook2010 on my Laptop - it works fine with sync - but not
    the 64Bit Version.
    Already read the complaints of other German users in the web - nobody seems
    to have an answer.

    It seems as this is a Windows Mobile Device Center Problem as this is not

    Can anybody please help?

    Marc Bosch, Jan 21, 2010
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