Outside access to limited data.

Discussion in 'Server Security' started by JN, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. JN

    JN Guest

    We were a subsidiary of another company whose business model for each
    division was do everything on your own. We each had our own network and
    systems to support our like business. The parent company was just basically
    a holding company that we sent all our profits to and if they were good they
    would never visit us.

    We just got purchased by another company that tried to do the whole world
    wide integration before they purchased us and it fell flat on it's face.
    They basically sent all their employees from their divisions to our similar
    divisions and said "Do it your way" to us.

    We never shared network resources before because each division is so
    different, but now these guys that came over to us are use to having this,
    that, and the other thing from every office all around the world available
    to them and we have some of those offices wanting access to some of our
    files. We have about half a dozen directory structures that they want
    access to however since I am a one man team I do not want to start giving
    out access and vpn connections to offices in the EU, Japan, East Coast, and
    West Coast.

    What would be a simple and secure way for me to still be able to store my
    files in my current directory structure (all over the place) and allow
    people in remote offices to access the information and most importantly, for
    me to not have to maintain a bunch of accounts for these users. Maybe a
    single password per site or something?
    JN, Jun 6, 2009
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  2. JN

    Al Dunbar Guest

    A bit of a non-plan if you ask me, but perhaps it worked for you at one
    Hey, I wouldn't bother you either if you sent me your profits...
    Not enough info here, but that could be either because they did not know
    what they were doing, or you were just not ready to collaborate.
    Ah yes, this is where it gets interesting.
    This is the actual business model: business decisions are left up to the
    technical support guys. This almost never works.
    You have not given enough information about your common infrastructure to
    allow a simple answer... One approach would be to develop trust
    relationships between your individual networks.
    No. As soon as you enable security based on people sharing a password, you
    have lost all control over who accesses what.

    Al Dunbar, Jun 6, 2009
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