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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by William McIlroy, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. William McIlroy

    Trelayne Guest

    Hi all!

    Just wanted to mention that there are actually some people out in the
    ether who are not experiencing any serious issues with the Vista O/S.. I'm
    one of them.

    I've had my new PC running Vista H.P. for over 3 months now, installed &
    ran older App's as well as games without incident (although I will miss
    Sherlock, which was DOS-based). No BSOD's, no Abends, just fast, slick and
    not too difficult to become accustomed to. I did have to search around a bit
    to obtain Vista compatable drivers for some of my peripherals, but no more
    than was necessary the last time I changed platforms. Incidentally, my
    system is an Acer 2.4Gb Q6600 w/2Gb RAM - I did upgrade the graphics from an
    ATI X1650 to an Nvidia Geforce 8600 GT, but only to improve the visual
    gaming experience - it raised my score from 3.4 to 5.5, which is now a
    limitation of the RAM rather than the graphics card.

    I'm happy to announce that the only Vista issue I've encountered thus
    far occured today when I started the newsgroups for the first time - there
    was a pronounced lag which repeated itself. Closed and restarted Windows
    Mail, working fine now. Not too shabby for 3 months of usage. Backup &
    Restore is working fine, restore points are being created automatically,
    auto de-frag keeps the O/S running slick - all you have to do is remember
    that this is not a platform that was designed to be powered off when not in
    use - the maintenance App's require system idle time to function properly.
    As I recall there were more bumps than that when we were first introduced to
    Win95.. Win98.. ME.. etcetera, not to mention the deer-in-headlights looks
    we all wore daily when my employers finally decided to upgrade from NT to
    XP!! Chaos!!

    There are always growing pains, and we'll always squeal like pigs while
    we're being forced, kicking and scratching, to adapt to some new, bug-ridden
    and incompatable O/S; but we'll adjust, and in a few years we'll be
    complaining about the newest generation of Windows while praising 'good old'
    Vista up and down. Count on it. (The 64bit version anyway - the appr. 3.3Gb
    RAM limitation of the 32bit O/S will be an ongoing issue as App's & AV's
    gobble up more system resources.)

    When it's working well, this alpha release of Vista is exceptional
    compared to its' predecessors initial releases - you've simply forgotten how
    unpleasant the previous upgrades were. Another thing to remember is that the
    release of Vista was delayed considerably, which should have given hardware
    retailers loads of time to develop Vista compatable drivers, yet somehow
    they largely failed to do so. There are plenty of issues to justly lay at
    Microsofts' doorstep, but hardware compatability issues are not among them.

    In short, take a pill guys - save some of that angst for the next O/S!!
    This one will only improve from this point on and maybe one day, despite how
    cost-effective their current strategy is, MS will decide to not continue
    using the general public as their Beta-testing team - but don't hold your
    breath on that last one... LOL

    In a few years (and a few SP's) we'll all be saying "This new O/S
    sucks!! I'm going back to Vista!!"

    Trelayne, Nov 28, 2007
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  2. Then simply use one of the operating system you referenced that have
    not lost compatibility in decades.
    Or stay with what you have.

    No one is forced or coerced, at least not by Microsoft, to buy or
    upgrade anything.
    We all have choices.
    Exercise your right to choose and choose one or more of the many

    Jupiter Jones [MVP]

    Jupiter Jones [MVP], Nov 28, 2007
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