Overly large downloads for 26 updates!

Discussion in 'Update Services' started by Alexander Alexeev, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. Hello!

    Recent manual synchronization over Dec and Feb yielded a list of about 29
    updates, of which I checked for install 26. Now download process is on and
    the stated download size is about 3500MBs!! I am shocked at these package
    sizes as according to the sync those were security updates, no service
    packs.Has anyone experienced such an issue over the last couple of months?

    Languages I am opting for are only two: EN and RU. OSes: Win 2000, 2003, XP.
    Plus, I decline all the 64 bit editions since we do not have any of those

    Another thing that is weird is the actual speed of download - over last
    night it got only to 500MBs out of those 3,5GB. Our uplink to the net is not
    the fastest around, but that is a noticeable slowdown. Could BITS be causing

    Thank you!
    Alex A
    Alexander Alexeev, Feb 4, 2006
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  2. BITS is surely causing that, Alexander. BITS is designed to use /available/
    bandwidth in a non-interfering manner. What that means is that -everything-
    gets priority for bandwidth over BITS.

    As to why your 29 updates are using 3.5GB of download --- there's a couple
    of things you might want to look at:
    (1) Do the 29 updates include any service packs?
    (2) Do the 29 updates include any Office updates?
    (3) Do you have "Express Installation Files" enabled? If so, are any of
    the 29 updates Cumulative Updates for IE?

    Finally, remember, you're downloading for English and Russian, and since the
    character sets are entirely different, there's unlikely to be any common
    content, so really we're looking at 1.75GB for 29 updates in one language.
    Lawrence Garvin \(MVP\), Feb 4, 2006
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  3. Hello!

    Thank you for reply. On a second look it does seem now more believable that
    26 updates in both locales could weight over 3GB... only there no service
    packs or office updates among those. The flag to use Express Installation is
    not checked either.

    The download is still in progress

    Status of Downloads
    Updates needing files: 26
    Downloading 2,012.85 MB of 3,491.54 MB

    I wonder if there is a way to tweak BITS to throttle bandwidth, as that
    server is not used for anything much other than WSUS.

    Alex A
    Alexander V. Alexeev, Feb 7, 2006
  4. Alexander Alexeev

    Dave Mills Guest

    If you search this group for BitsAdmin you should find quite a few
    tweaks that others have used
    Dave Mills, Feb 7, 2006
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