Owned window errantly made a topmost window.

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by Chris Rehfeldt, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. I work on a set of applications where there is one main application that is
    the owner window of the windows for the other applications. Everything works
    fine initially, however, an interesting bug occurs when: I minimize the main
    application (which minimizes the owned window application also as expected),
    close the main application (which closes the owned applications as expected),
    and restart the main application (which restarts the owned applications as
    expected). At this point, the owned window becomes a topmost window and
    doesn't minimize when the main window is minimizes. This becomes a problem
    because any of the popups displayed by the owner window (and all other
    applications that are not topmost) are hidden behind this topmost owned
    window. This state persists no matter how many times you open or close the
    main application, which does close the owned window applications, too. If you
    restart the machine the state of the windows returns to normal. Here's the
    real kicker on this unusual behavior: the window states return to normal if
    any other application's window is restored from being minimized while the
    problem application is not running.

    What does all this mean? This is most definitely a bug with Windows Vista
    and how it handles owner and owned window relationships. I had found another
    location on the MSDN where a Microsoft representative admitted that there was
    an issue with owner and owned windows with Alt-TAB on Vista. The really wierd
    part of all this is that it only occurs with on subsequent instantiations of
    the application after the application was minimized.

    Finally, we're testing our software on 2 machines. A set of panasonic
    toughbook CF-18's and Dell D620's. The toughbooks only meet minimimum
    requirements because we put more memory in them. The Dell is "Window Vista
    Capable". The bug does NOT occur on the toughbooks and does occur on the Dell
    D620's. Even worse, the bug didn't occur with one of the three Dell D620's
    and build release 5728.
    Chris Rehfeldt, Oct 12, 2006
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  2. I've determined that this issue only occurs with windows Aero. In fact, if
    the system is in a bad state when Aero is turned off, the system never leaves
    the bad state. If the system is in a good state when Aero is turned off, the
    system won't enter the bad state.
    Chris Rehfeldt, Nov 9, 2006
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  3. Thanks for the reported issue, Chris!
    We are currently working with Chris offline to get reproduce the problem in
    our lab.

    Ivo Manolov [MS], Nov 15, 2006
  4. Chris,
    I sent you a couple of emails today, but I think your email server rejected
    them, so I am pasting my email here:


    Hi Chris,
    There are tools in the OS that allow capturing some system information, but
    in this particular case I think we would a repro application in order to be
    able to investigate the problem.

    So let me see whether I understand the repro steps correctly:

    Steps to reproduce the problem
    1. Let’s call the two rocesses PA and PB.
    2. You run PA
    3. PA creates window A (CreateWindow)
    4. PA starts PB (CreateProcess)
    5. PB creates window B, passing the HWND of window A as the hWndParent of
    window B (in the CreateWindow call for window B)

    If you repeat these steps, you end up in a situation where window B becomes
    a topmost window

    Is my understanding correct?

    Ivo Manolov [MS], Nov 17, 2006
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