Parent - Child Domain Trust Relationship - Cannot modify trust

Discussion in 'Active Directory' started by Don B., Mar 24, 2008.

  1. Don B.

    Don B. Guest


    I am not able to modify my trust relationship between a child and parent
    domain. AD Domains and Trusts setup a two-way Transitive trust - shortcut
    relationship. I do not want the parent domain trust the child, I do not want
    users in the child domain to have access to the parent (one-way trust), but
    the Remove button is grey out and I cann't add a trust because one already
    exits. There appears to be no option to modify the settings.

    Second, I attempted three times to create this child domain using Microsoft
    Docs, it never worked. It doesn't create the child domain zone file, Even
    though the DNS test during the Child's dcpromo tested good.

    After the child domain was created, replication failed due to DNS failure. I
    ended up manually configuring DNS an setup the Child with DNS delegation. I
    assume this the only way it will work? I don't know if the problems are
    related to modifing my trust relationship now. My DNS and DS error event logs
    went away.

    Thank you for your help. Don
    Don B., Mar 24, 2008
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  2. Don B.

    Don B. Guest

    I'm an idiot...

    I found that a parent/child trust relationship is implicity established and
    is not configurable.

    I do have a question, Is there a document on exactly how to configue the
    child DNS zone file on the parent DNS server should be configured before
    adding a child domain? It doesn't appear that the zone file is created
    during dcpromo and has to be manually created after dcpromo completes and use
    DNS delegation.
    Don B., Mar 25, 2008
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