Parental controls blocking games as administrators

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Games' started by Rose, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. Rose

    Rose Guest

    I have a similar problem to many other Vista users. I downloaded several
    games from Bigfish. Most work but one won't, and it's rated E. Access denied
    parental controls pops up when I try to run it. I only have one account, the
    administrator. The game has no option to run as administrator. And parental
    controls are not set up at all because they aren't even allowed on an admin.
    account. I have tried changing the access controls to allow all users in the
    game properties, as well as changing the game rating system Vista is using.
    Must I actually create a user account, and allow open access with parental
    controls in order to play this game? (Family Fued II) by the way. How
    tedious and annoying!! If anyone knows how to fix this please write back. I
    will try the one suggestion of disabling the UAC, but doesn't that also apply
    only to users, not admins? Also, $59.00 for help from Windows!? Aren't you
    rich enough, Bill?
    Rose, Dec 9, 2007
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  2. Had same prob with my vista,i download family feud 2 and was going to
    play and was told i could not cause of parental control,i disable and
    still could not play,had to uninstall the game because it was stress
    me out,but before this game i was already having another game prob
    with other games,having probs download games and the ones that was
    already install wont let me play,i can't play no games at all,not from
    pogo,iwin,bigfish or any other web pages,keeps telling me few
    different problems,some says game launcher,glworker,ect ect,i already
    did disk deframenter,scanner for virus,scan for spyware and
    adware,everything is fine,can anybody help me here or any suggetions
    what to do,thanks so much.
    white_pearl30, Dec 11, 2007
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