Pasting Newsgroup Addressees In The Newsgroup Header Box Into New Message

Discussion in 'Windows Live Mail' started by D. Spencer Hines, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. In OE one can paste newsgroup addresses from one message into a new one.

    But this does not seem to be possible in WLM.



    D. Spencer Hines, Jul 4, 2008
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  2. Define your terms please. What do you mean by
    "newsgroup addresses"? Give an example of using one
    in OE where you need to paste it.

    One interpretation of "newsgroup addresses" would be
    how one does cross-posting, which works the same way
    in both OE and WLMail (no pasting required).
    E.g. Alt-T,n,...


    Robert Aldwinckle
    Robert Aldwinckle, Jul 5, 2008
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  3. In the headers above there are two newsgroup addresses.

    In OE one can paste newsgroup addresses from one message into a new one.

    But in WLM the addresses of a transmitted message are grayed-out.

    Therefore they cannot be copied and pasted to a NEW message.

    The same thing is true of email addresses.

    Is there a solution to the cut and paste issue -- as pertains to addresses
    in WLM?


    D. Spencer Hines, Jul 5, 2008
  4. D. Spencer Hines

    Ron Sommer Guest,

    Being grayed-out does not mean that they can't be copied.
    I highlighted a newsgroup in the Reading pane and in a message window, Ctrl
    + C copied in both places. Right click, Copy did not work.
    Ctrl + F3 opens the source of the email. Ctrl + C and right click, Copy
    both worked there.

    This address was in another post. In the Reading pane, Right click, Copy
    works. Ctrl + C copies the entire message.
    Email addresses are highlighted by putting the mouse pointer over the
    address. In the Reading pane, the highlight is very faint.
    The above is true for emails.
    Ron Sommer, Jul 5, 2008
  5. D. Spencer Hines

    Ron Sommer Guest

    This post applies to the live mail newsgroup.
    Ron Sommer, Jul 5, 2008
  6. Yes & No.
    It should always work with Right click, Copy -- we are in a GUI World now.
    Abstruse keystrokes are for wonks.

    Right click, Copy works in some cases -- but not in others.

    Whereas in OE I've never encountered a case where Right click, Copy doesn't
    work for both email and newsgroup addresses.

    That's a glitch in WLM.
    D. Spencer Hines, Jul 5, 2008
  7. [Then why did you crosspost it to OE6 newsgroup?]
    PA Bear [MS MVP], Jul 5, 2008
  8. D. Spencer Hines

    Ron Sommer Guest

    I could ask, 'why did you'?
    I thought that I had removed the OE newsgroup.
    Ronald Sommer

    Ron Sommer, Jul 5, 2008

  9. You're still not being clear enough for me.
    "Above"? Where? In the OE Preview pane header?
    I can't copy from there. In the WLMail Reading pane?
    I have that pane's header suppressed because of the
    ridiculous amount of screen space it takes up.
    But in any case, for the same reason I wouldn't expect
    to be able to copy anything from it either.

    If I did want to access some headers from either the OE
    Preview pane or the WLMail Reading pane I would press
    Alt-Enter,Ctrl-Tab and do that. All data would be copyable
    using standard Windows editing commands but not by dragging
    with the mouse.

    After pressing Ctrl-g to start composing this reply,
    in either newsreader, the Newsgroups: field is an input field
    and I can copy from it. The only problem I had with it was
    trying to cancel a move by dragging, forgetting that I should
    be pressing a Ctrl- key when doing that to make it a Copy operation.

    Copying text selections by dragging with a mouse is something
    I hardly ever do. In fact, I just tried to reproduce my problem
    with it and couldn't; Ctrl-z undid the move operation and

    Seems to copy just fine from a Ctrl-g reply composition window
    into a Ctrl-N New message window. The only problem I had was
    that during the Copy there was no input cursor (e.g. I-bar),
    so the copy operation always resulted in an append rather than
    an insertion. Otherwise a Ctrl-c, Ctrl-v did use an input cursor
    and could produce an insertion.


    Robert Aldwinckle, Jul 5, 2008
  10. No. In the **Newsgroups** line of the header. See above -- if you have a
    Newsgroups Line -- ALL Headers not required or desired.

    [No, I'm not shouting at you -- just emphasizing -- as I would vocally.]

    In OE I can simply sweep across the names of the newsgroups with the left
    button of the mouse depressed -- in YOUR open message ---- thereby
    HIGHLIGHTING them and then RIGHT COPY with the mouse and PASTE wherever I

    I can't do that in WLM.

    CAPABILITY LOST in a supposed UPGRADE to WLM.

    Au contraire, I do it all the time.

    It's much quicker and more flexible than trying to fumble through arcane
    keystrokes. PLUS I can sit further away from the screen with a libation
    and/or young lovely cuddled in the other hand from the plastic MOUSE.

    This is 2008 -- not 1974.

    We use the MOUSE with GUI's not ancient keystrokes -- and could quite easily
    in the late, lamented Outlook Express.

    Oh Those Halcyon Days With A Superb Piece Of Software -- OUTLOOK EXPRESS.

    I understand some VERY TALENTED people DEVELOPED it.

    WLM is a pale imitation and needs a rewrite.

    Let's hope we get it in SP1 -- and don't have to wait for SP2.


    Lux et Veritas et Libertas
    Vires et Honor
    D. Spencer Hines, Jul 5, 2008
  11. D. Spencer Hines

    Peter Foldes Guest


    Because he is a troll going back a long time. Similar if not the same as BD in my eyes


    Please Reply to Newsgroup for the benefit of others
    Requests for assistance by email can not and will not be acknowledged.

    Peter Foldes, Jul 5, 2008

  12. You are still not being clear about what *context* we should interpret
    "above" in. However, now I guess that you mean you have an open
    message window?

    Clearer description rather than emphasis would communicate better... ; ]

    Well, again, I am in a composition window, which is the only scenario
    that I can envision needing such a "feature" and as I explained I can
    copy it just fine, using either the mouse or the keyboard.

    You still haven't explained *why* you use such a feature.
    The only time I need to copy and paste is when I am editing
    and when I am editing I use my keyboard as well as my mouse.

    I use both--whichever is more convenient.
    Usually I only find the mouse useful for coarse movement
    and the keyboard more convenient for finer operations,
    including text selection and copying and pasting.

    Methinks you are wearing rose-coloured glasses... ; )

    SP1? You don't get functionality changes in a service pack,

    Robert Aldwinckle, Jul 6, 2008
  13. Of COURSE. Your message.
    Try it yourself on this message of mine.
    D. Spencer Hines, Jul 6, 2008
  14. <VBEG>

    PA Bear [MS MVP], Jul 6, 2008

  15. Now in OE. First looking at this in the Preview pane, with the Preview pane
    header. Newsgroup names are not copyable there either. I hardly ever open
    newsgroup messages in their own windows. And you still haven't explained
    *why* you need this supposed feature.

    Robert Aldwinckle, Jul 6, 2008
  16. D. Spencer Hines

    N. Miller Guest

    Do you mean these "newsgroup addresses"?,

    I just clicked on the "Reply Group" button, and got a message compose
    window. The Newsgroups are listed in the header fields (I have my View set
    to "View all headers"). It is just a "copy and paste" to get from the
    address field to the message field.

    ~Doko ni mo nai sono basho e
    ~Ima hajimaru utagoe ga
    ~Todoite-iru, michibiite'ru
    ~Takaraka ni to heaven
    N. Miller, Jul 6, 2008
  17. D. Spencer Hines

    N. Miller Guest

    Seems to be the same in MS Outlook Express as in Windows Live Mail. Not sure
    where you are unable to copy from in MS Outlook Express. In my copy, the
    header bar shows two lines. First line has, "From:" and "To:" in bold,
    followed by the relevant information. Second line has, "Subject:" in bold,
    followed by the relevant information. None of it can be copied.

    However, when I click on the "Reply to Group" button, I get a message
    compose window, same as in Windows Live Mail. And I can copy from the
    "Newsgroups:" address field, same as in Windows Live Mail. I did not test
    this while composing the reply in Windows Live Mail; but, in both programs,
    whether "View" is set to "All headers", or not, the "Newsgroups:" field is
    available, and the newsgroups in the field can be copied, and pasted. Thus:,

    I don't see any difference in the operation of MS Outlook Express and
    Windows Live Mail in this regard.
    N. Miller, Jul 6, 2008
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