Patch Q329623 may cause DVD players to not work

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by rh_chamberlain \(remove this\) , Nov 21, 2003.

  1. I recently bought a new Epson Scanner (model 1670) which
    requires that I download the Q329623 patch. Microsoft has
    a warning on the patch that says "Issue with DirectX may
    cause DVD Players to not work." I have both a DVD player
    and a DVD recorder on my new Multi-media computer. The
    instructions with the Epson Scanner note the problem with
    DirectX but then says "Don't worry; this is the patch file
    you need to download and install." But I am worried. I
    called Epson Tech Support and they say they haven't heard
    of any problems. However, if there is a problem, I have
    had trouble removing a patch once it has been installed.
    Is there anyone who can assure me that this patch is
    really safe and won't cause my DVD players to not work?
    Rich Chamberlain
    rh_chamberlain \(remove this\) , Nov 21, 2003
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  2. Rich,

    More than likely, you may have a different configuration than most people in
    this newsgroup. So their opinions will only be based on their systems. The
    best thing to do is to try the patch.

    After reviewing the knowledge base article for the patch
    (, I couldn't find any thing that
    you mentioned about breaking a DVD player. I think the patch is intended to
    fix the problem with DVD playback. You may also call Microsoft Support
    (;EN-US;CNTACTMS) to find
    out more information. Thanks.

    Andy Vanosdale
    Microsoft MVP - Windows XP Media Center Edition
    Microsoft Associate Expert
    Expert Zone -

    "rh_chamberlain (remove this)"
    Andy Vanosdale [MCE MVP], Nov 21, 2003
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