Patch Tuesday "killed" IP printing - Sep 2010

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Talk' started by JimWae, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. JimWae

    JimWae Guest

    I got a call from a client 2010-Sep-16 that they could no longer print
    to either network printer from any workstation.

    Workstations have Vista Business 32 and were updated morning of Sep 16.

    Server is Server2003 & printing still worked from it fine.

    Printers were using IP ports fine for over 2 years.
    Fix was to create ports with full share name & use that instead of IP.

    The IP address of printer had not changed AND
    I could still browse with IE8 (using IP address)
    to printer to see config data of printer

    Workstations are in Server2003 domain

    This full share name trick was how I previously had to set up
    Vista Home Premium workstations
    to use network printers in home networks.

    Why would Vista Business be "updated" to Home Premium settings?
    Is this a permanent "update"?

    Why does any version of VISTA do this?
    Does Windows 7 have same issue?

    JimWae, Sep 17, 2010
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