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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by danbrown, Jul 23, 2006.

  1. danbrown

    danbrown Guest

    This might not help anyone but I thought I would post the steps I used
    to install my PC-5740 card. I use Verizon but I imagine the steps I
    used will work for any that use the PC 5740.

    The first time I installed the card it took me two days to get it to
    work but I tried something a little different this time and it worked
    like a champ.

    I have to start by saying that to do it like I did you have to have an
    internet connection.

    The CD said that you must install the software first before inserting
    the card but I tried doing it that way with no luck.

    what I did was insert the card and let windows detect it as a modem and
    let it look for drivers. It will show that it couldnt find drivers but
    dont worry. Leave the card in the PCMCIA slot then go to the windows
    update and check for updates. It offered updates for Curitel PC Card. I
    installed them then installed the software from Verizon.

    If you use Verizon - vzaccess manager software go to the Verizon
    wireless website and download Version 5.8.2.(1407d) Even though it
    showed I was using the most recent version when I checked using the
    check for updates it isnt the most recent.

    When I used the CD that came with my card it would take a long time to
    install and would sit on 4 sec remaining forever but Version 5.8.2
    installs great .

    well hope I could help
    danbrown, Jul 23, 2006
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