PC won't recognize Vista DVD. Both drive and disc are fine?!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by tinytimirl, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. tinytimirl

    tinytimirl Guest

    Alright I have been fooling with this all day and I am getting nowhere.
    Basically, I have a rig I built a while ago. The motherboard is an Asus
    A8N-SLI Premium with BIOS revision 1303. The DVD/CD rom is a NEC
    ND-3540A. I had it set up to dual boot between vista 64 and XP 32 and
    this worked fine for quite a while. The only reason I kept XP alive was
    because some drivers for a guitar accessory of mine were only available
    for 32 bit OS's. Both of the OS's are also system builder OEM's. I also
    have a disc with OEM XP 64.
    After drivers finally came out for my guitar accessory, I decided to do
    away with XP entirely and I backed all my files up so I can delete the
    seperate partitions and start fresh. I did all that and I popped my
    Vista DVD in and rebooted the PC but the computer wouldn't recognize it.
    The drive light did come on but it didn't spin up to speed. It did this
    for a a little while.. perhaps 20-30 seconds. After that, it would give
    up and load from the hard drive. Also, the BIOS revision I had then was
    1009. This version was, and still is, the latest non beta version
    available. Naturally I tried the usual suspects. Is the dvd dirty? nope.
    Air duster the drive? yup. Make sure the boot order is correct? check.
    Does the drive read other media, both CD and DVD? sure does... Also,
    Vista would not recognize the DVD if I tried to pop it in while Vista
    was loaded. I also flashed my BIOS to the latest beta which went
    flawlessly but still didn't help.
    At this point, the only thing I could think of is that my DVD somehow
    became defective. So my next move was to call MS and buy a replacement
    disc without a key. About a month later, it finally showed up. So
    basically at this point I try the same thing again and the results are
    exactly the same. My computer treats this newer disc just like my
    So I decided to try it on another computer to see if it would work, and
    sure enough, both of these install discs work fine. I can navigate to
    them and the contents all appear to be intact. This made me wonder if it
    was because I already have Vista installed on my PC and that was having
    some affect. I seriously doubted it but I was out of options. So I took
    the XP installation disc and booted off of that. I deleted the
    partitions and started fresh and XP installed fine. With just XP
    installed, I tried to boot off of the Vista disc (or even access it
    while XP was loaded) and it wouldn't work. I tried this with both XP 32
    and 64 even though I knew the outcome would be the same. (I'm
    desperate!). So finally, I booted up off XP again and deleted the
    partitions and then abandoned the XP installation. So now I just have
    empty hard drives. And guess what? Yeah, it still wouldn't work. All I
    That message pops up after the initial 20-30 seconds of the DVD light
    being on but not spinning. Subsequent enters cause the message to pop
    back up after a few seconds.
    This completely boggles my mind because the DVD drive is the exact same
    one I used when I first installed the OS. Also, in case I wasn't clear
    about the BIOS, it didn't work with release 1009 OR beta 1303.
    I do have another DVD burner that I scrapped from an old computer that
    my grandpa gave me but I have no idea if it works. If not, I can always
    call my friend up and be like "Hey, I need you to open your computer up
    and let me borrow your DVD drive" lol.
    As for me, I've built a couple PC's, replaced countless parts in
    others, I'm the ONE person that everyone in my humungous family calls
    for computer trouble, I've been a software dev for several years, etc.
    So basically, you can skip asking me if the DVD is in the drive right
    side up lol. (Hence the extremely long post).
    Anyway, I hope someone on here can help me because the only other thing
    I can try is a new DVD drive. And seeing how my current DVD burner can
    still burn CDs and DVDs flawlessly, as well as read them too, I am
    tinytimirl, Jan 1, 2009
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  2. I am sure you realize that a DVD\CD combo drive has a read write head for CD
    and another read write head for the DVD function. It sound like your DVD
    portion of the drive has failed. I have seen this a few time and it is
    always the DVD that gives out first.
    Richard Urban, Jan 1, 2009
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  3. tinytimirl

    tinytimirl Guest

    Yes, I'm aware of the different heads and I've also experienced a DVD
    drive head failing before a CD head. However, I tried both types of
    media in my drive and they still work fine. I can read both CD and DVD
    and I can burn CD and DVD.

    I know it doesn't take long to swap a DVD but I have my cables routed
    nicely in my case. I was hoping that I overlooked something so I was
    putting the swap off until later today.
    tinytimirl, Jan 1, 2009
  4. tinytimirl

    Curious Guest

    If you are unable to boot directly from your installation DVD drive on your
    system are you able to boot directly from the installation DVD on another
    Curious, Jan 1, 2009
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