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    eBook Readers make reading experience more pleasant. Hold eBook device like a book, for it carries as many of desirable content at your fingertips. In addition, it can also allow you to take notes, highlight message and easily access to the passages you need.

    Both PDF and ePub are two of the most popular eBooks formats. Each of them has its own characteristics. Such as eBooks in PDF format can support Book-marking, however, ePub eBooks can't do that. ePub-formatted eBooks can be optimally viewed by the eBook devices, for ePub is specially designed for reflowable content. Whereas, the PDF format doesn't have the feature. Different eBooks applications have their preferred eBook format. For example, Apple iBooks app uses ePub format as eBook format.

    PDF to ePub Converter for Mac is specially designed for Mac eBook enthusiasts to convert PDF to ePub for perfect compatibility with their eBook devices, such as iPad, iPhone 4, iPod Touch, etc.

    1. Supported formats
    Input: Adobe PDF format (.pdf)
    Output: Standard EPUB format (.epub)

    2. Convert PDF to EPUB
    Two or three clicks conversion from PDF to EPUB ebook

    3. Batch conversion and selected conversion modes
    Simultaneously convert several PDF documents to EPUB ebook
    Choose a certain page(s) to be converted

    Know more information about the Mac PDF to ePub Converter

    Read more about PDF to EPUB conversion at

    fighting123, Oct 26, 2010
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