Peformance Monitor does not monitor/collect data

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Bryan L, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Bryan L

    Bryan L Guest

    I administer a number of SBS 2003 R2 boxes for various organizations. On
    one of them, perfmon no longer works. The Performance Monitor console
    opens, but does not graph data. (Visually, the red line stays to the left
    and never tracks across the main right-hand pane.) The "Last, Average,
    Minimum, and Maximum" boxes across the bottom display "---------". Starting
    a Counter Log (such as the System Overview log) creates a file that even
    after sufficient time has elapsed, contains no performance data. (Trying to
    view the log data in perfmon results in the following error when trying to
    open the log file: "System Monitor Control - Data source
    C:\PerfLogs\System_Overview.blg in invalid. The data source contains fewer
    than two data samples.")

    I've followed one of the few suggestions found online as a possible fix to
    this, which was to copy all the perf*.dat files from the I386 folder to the
    system32 folder. This didn't fix it. I can't find any other options to
    repair perfmon other than a reinstallation or repair of windows, which are
    not viable options for this.

    Any ideas on this? All thoughts appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    Bryan L, Sep 15, 2009
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  2. Bryan L

    Dave Patrick Guest

    Dave Patrick, Sep 16, 2009
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