people who are smarter than me. PLEASE HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by whos_up_for_something_new_?_?_, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. guys (or girls) im trying to burn a simple audio cd. ive just bought heaps of
    the same blank cds ive used for ages, and now its not working! HELP

    ok. here goes. i looked up what i need to tell you and this is it:
    player version=

    operationg system version= windows xp professional
    version 2002
    service pack 1

    task to accomplish = burn an audio cd

    error message= the specified service does not exist as an installed service

    error message id number= 80070424

    but i know that ive burnt cds (at least one im sure because im looking at
    it) fromt his exact computer! i dont understand why its throwing a hissy fit
    now all of a sudden!!!!!
    whos_up_for_something_new_?_?_, Apr 22, 2007
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  2. whos_up_for_something_new_?_?_

    Doug Guest

    MUCH more detail required. What burning pgm are you using? Etc,
    Doug W.

    p.s. How come no SP2?

    If you don't have SP2 you are probably behind on about 60
    updates. (A guess only)..

    in message
    Doug, Apr 22, 2007
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