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Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Roundy, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. Roundy

    Roundy Guest

    I have an HP Proliant ML370 Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition. It has 1.5
    GB Ram and a Xeon 2.8 processor in it. I have a Raid 5 of 327 GB. My free
    disk space is low, not sure what it should be, I heard somewhere 20% would be

    I have been having issues where user's are seeing very poor performance.
    They start calling because their systems "freeze" while saving files to the
    server. When this happens it affects multiple users, not just one particular
    user. During these "poor" performance times I cannot access the server via
    RDP to see what is happening on the server. I had the idea of using
    performance montior and alerts. Unfortunately I do not know what would be
    proper thresholds for knowing there is an issue. I also just have a system
    monitor running.

    The items I am watching with alerts are

    Memory Pages/Sec
    Logical Disk Avg Disk Queue Length
    Logical Disk Total % Disk Time
    Network Interface Bytes/Sec
    Paging File % Usage
    Processor % Processor Time

    Any direction in this area, or other direction about determining what the
    issue is would be great. It does not seem to follow a pattern of when it
    happens, it just happens "randomly". I know it is not random, but that is
    how it appears.

    Roundy, Apr 10, 2007
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