Phishing filter always says: "Phishing filter cannot check this w.

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by msavazzi, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. msavazzi

    msavazzi Guest

    "Phishing filter cannot check this website because Microsoft online service
    is temporaly unavailable".

    It's more than 3 weeks!!!

    I haven't found any info on the service status or how do troubleshoot it.

    I've tried to uninstall reinstall,
    remove custom firewalls,
    remove antivirus
    remove plugins
    start ie in safe mode

    but the result is always: serice unavailable
    msavazzi, Sep 21, 2006
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  2. msavazzi

    rocky Guest

    No problems with the phishing filter here. In fact, I just got an email
    today that was an obvious Commonwealth Bank phishing scam and IE7 warned me
    straight away that the site was a phishing website. If you want to try going
    to a real phishing site, go to
    and see whether a warning is triggered on your machine (but don't enter
    anything of course).

    Perhaps you have an Internet connection problem? Do you have any other
    problems when connecting to the Internet?
    rocky, Sep 22, 2006
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  3. msavazzi

    msavazzi Guest

    It does not warn or signal anything.

    I need to understand which is the site / sites that are used as reference.

    msavazzi, Sep 22, 2006
  4. msavazzi

    Eric Guest

    I have the same problem.
    Somewhere I have read that this issue only presents whith the Beta version
    of IE 7.
    I have un- and re-installed IE 7 but the problem persist.
    Maybe there are some remnants/traces from the Beta IE in the Windows registry?

    I apologize because of my bad English. (I'm Dutch) ;-)
    Eric, Nov 12, 2006
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