Photo Gallery Slide Show with Hdmi HDTV

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Music, Pictures and Video' started by AyaBrea, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. AyaBrea

    AyaBrea Guest

    Hello, I have an ATI Hd 2600XT, one display 1280x1024 and a 1900x1080p
    display connected trough Hdmi with sound and I have tried many ways to get
    Windows Photo Gallery to run the slide show on this Sharp Aquos TV but I
    always get a black screen, the slide show will always works on the computer
    monitor if set to Primary but never on the TV even if set to Primary, even if
    restart has been done. Is there a way to get that slide show working on my
    TV? Is there a plug-in, an add-on, a hidden option? I would like to know.
    Thank you for help.

    Best Regards
    AyaBrea, Dec 5, 2007
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  2. AyaBrea

    JL4VIDEO Guest

    This is very similar to the problem I have with this Vista Slide Show. It's
    very nice and easy to get it going on your PC screen, but that is it; you
    cannot save it.
    I wanted to use it as background for the titles of my main video film. So I
    tried to capture it from the screen with every tool I had on my PC: Snagit,
    Camtasia, ... but none of them came up with something useful. OK they did
    their job and on the playback you can see my mouse clicking all the right
    buttons, but at the end you only get a black screen where the slide show
    should have been.
    So my guess is that this slide show is put onto the screen through some kind
    of magic channel and not by the video card where these screen capture tools
    are looking for it in vain. This would explain why you cannot get it on your
    external flat screens allthough your video card is perfectly capable of
    handling both, but it doesn't get the information!
    Anybody in this huge Vista community who knows what is really going on here?
    And even more important: is there a solution for these problems? How can one
    "save" this automatic Vista slide show?
    JL4VIDEO, Jan 7, 2008
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