Picture It 2002 that came with Works Suite 2002

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Travel, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. Travel

    Travel Guest


    I know that this subject has been discussed 'ad nauseum'. However, here
    goes. I currently have Picture It as mentioned in the Subject on Window XP
    Operating System which was pre-installed on the Gateway computer back in
    2002. We have a new Gateway computer which has the Windows Vista Home
    Premium installed.

    It seems that there are 'horror' as well as 'success' stories revolving
    around the compatibility of Picture It into the new Vista Home Preimium. I
    have read John Inzer's information about this version and that version, but
    where do I find which version I have.

    Could I possible use the disk which has the 'Picture It 2002' program which
    was supplied to me from my Gateway back in 2002 and install it into my new
    If this is a yes. Then the next question is, will it work? And then, will
    it cause other system problems or make things go amuck in my new computer?

    I know this is very elementary to a lot of you folks. Please know that I
    appreciate you input and suggestions..........Sherry
    Travel, Mar 3, 2008
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  2. Travel

    Mick Murphy Guest

    I never use it.

    Open it. Where you have "file, edit, view, etc", click on "help"> then
    That will show the Version number.
    Mick Murphy, Mar 4, 2008
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  3. Travel

    John Barnes Guest

    If you have Picture it 2002 on your Works Suite disks, you can do a custom
    install of only that one program. It has been a while since I tried to
    install it (beta, I think) and if I remember there are incompatibilities
    that prevented it from installing. I don't recall any permanent problems
    from trying to install it and would use the compatibility wizard to do the
    John Barnes, Mar 4, 2008
  4. Travel

    Travel Guest


    Thanks so much. Got it.....Sherry

    Travel, Mar 4, 2008
  5. Travel

    Travel Guest

    Wow the 'horror' stories keep growing. It sounds as if my Picture It 2002
    will not be compatible with Vista. What about this solution? Since my
    computer with Picture It 2002 has not yet been buried, would it be possible
    to upgrade to a newer version of Picture It (such has been suggested by John
    Inzer - PI99, PI2000, DIS9, DIS10 and DIS2006) while still using my old
    computer and all my creations/work can then be transferred into the newer
    Picture It on my old machine.

    If this sounds like a feasible option, which Digital Program would accept
    the Picture It 2002 prorgam into their program? .... Which would then be
    accepted and compatible with Vista Home Premimuy It sounds to me that PI
    2000, or PI 99 would be a step backward from 2002??? However, if that would
    work to get my work up and running on Vista, I guess I am game. I might just
    decide that the easier avenue will be to keep my Picture running on my old
    computer until she dies and the new computer for everything else.

    Thanks for listening and for any suggestions.....Sherry
    Travel, Mar 4, 2008
  6. Travel

    John Barnes Guest

    If Picture It is working on your old machine and you plan to use it on the
    old machine, why are you talking about upgrading?
    Check out what format your files are in and check to see if you can save
    them to a format that would be compatible with a Vista-ready program so in
    the future you could transfer them over and continue to use them.
    John Barnes, Mar 4, 2008
  7. Travel

    Travel Guest


    I am talking about upgrading because the old machine is on her last legs.
    We have had many problems fixed and it is wearing out. As an option, I am
    just thinking it would be easier to keep it up and running just for the
    'Picture It' program.
    John, the format the files are in are obviously in the MPI 2002 format
    where I can go in and make simple adjustments to the present artwork for use
    in my business.
    Where would I check to see which formats would be compatible with Vista Home
    Premium? The formats would also have to be accessible for editing.
    Travel, Mar 4, 2008
  8. Travel

    John Barnes Guest

    There are several formats that are in use, there is no MPI 2002 format. If
    you are just playing with pictures from a camera, they are probably normal
    ..jpeg or .jpg format which you can import to Vista and use in any program.
    The Vista photo gallery probably does most of what you do. If you are
    making projects out of them they may be in the .php format and that will
    require conversion.
    John Barnes, Mar 4, 2008
  9. Travel

    Travel Guest

    I am not playing with just simple jpeg pictures.
    I have created flyers, poster, banners, cards, etc.all of which are saved
    in what I call the microsoft format (sorry if this is not the correct
    teminology). All I know that this is one of the options (Picture It PNG
    Plus, to be exact) when one clicks 'Save As' once something in Picture It has
    been created.
    This allows me to go in and make any amount of editiing that needs to be
    done, which a jpeg, tiff of gif, enhanced metafile, etc does not allow.

    As you may have guessed, I am not computer literate as to functionality and
    compatibility of programs and files.

    I still need assistance in the search for a program that I can put my
    existing PI 2002 work into which will then be compatible with Vista Home

    You said:
    :Check out what format your files are in and check to see if you can save
    I do not know where to get the information as to which programs would be
    compatible with Vista. I have only read John Izner's suggestion about the
    Anniversary edition. If I could drop my present work into that edition and
    then drop the Anniversary edition into the Vista program, i wonder if that
    would work? Does that sound workable??
    Travel, Mar 4, 2008
  10. Travel

    John Barnes Guest

    If your pictures are .png, they are quite Vista friendly and you can copy
    them over into Vista. You can purchase any program to manipulate them the
    way you want, making sure it is Vista compatible. There are many good
    programs for that purpose and it is very much a personal matter which one
    anyone is comfortable with. Good luck.
    John Barnes, Mar 4, 2008
  11. Travel

    Dave Guest

    A user posted a solution for installing this program over in
    on 2/29/2008

    "I know I'm probably bumping up an ancient post, but I actually found the
    solution to this dilemma.
    I know how great a program that Picture It! is, and I worked at this
    for hours before I finally got it to work. Here's what I did:
    1. Explored the CD after it was in the drive, right clicked on "Setup",
    and selected "Run as Administrator"
    2. I selected the "minimum" installation, I haven't confirmed whether
    it would work with the typical one yet, but it has all the same
    3. After installing, I right-clicked the program, and set the
    compatibility back to "Windows 95", Disabled visual themes, and disabled
    desktop composition, and selected "Run as administrator".

    The program worked perfectly for me after this. Hope this helps the
    other people who I know are struggling with this same problem :D

    Dave, Mar 5, 2008
  12. Travel

    Travel Guest


    I looked for this original post. I wanted to wite to her, but can find no
    discussion with her name for me to click on. Could you help me with her
    contact information?
    Travel, Mar 7, 2008
  13. Travel

    Dave Guest

    This is the email address contained with the post..... that's all I know.
    Don't know if it's real or not.
    Dave, Mar 7, 2008
  14. Travel

    Charl Guest

    I tried installing Picture It! with my vista and it won't let me use
    it. I did notice
    on the instructions that came with Works Suite 2002 that you need to
    turn off
    any other programs, including virus programs, before installing it. It
    don't know
    how to disengage the virsus and firewall protection. I did uninstall
    Picture It! and
    will try again after I learn how to disengage the virsus programs. It
    someone knows how please let me know. Charl
    Charl, Nov 30, 2008
  15. Travel

    John Inzer Guest

    Your version is on your Install Disks.

    Picture It! 2002 will not run on Vista.
    (If you have a full retail version of XP
    that can be activated you could run
    a Dual Boot with Vista or run XP in a
    Virtual Machine on your Vista system)

    Now that you have Vista...your best bet
    would be to try and find a copy of the
    last version of Digital Image (new name
    for Picture it!).

    'Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006
    Anniversary Edition' is optimized for Vista.
    You might find a copy online somewhere
    like eBay or Amazon.

    There's a 60 day trial version available for
    download if you would like to give it a try:

    Microsoft Digital Image
    Starter Edition 2006
    (this product line has been
    discontinued but you can still
    download the Starter Version
    and run it for 60 days)

    Unlike the retail version...the trial does not
    have the ability to create VCDs and it does
    not include the clipart and pre-formatted


    John Inzer MS-MVP
    Digital Media Experience

    This is not tech support
    I am a volunteer

    Solutions that work for
    me may not work for you

    Proceed at your own risk
    John Inzer, Nov 30, 2008
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