Playing songs in center pane w/o it moving to right pane?

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by KyleGarret, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. KyleGarret

    KyleGarret Guest

    For example, if I click on a playlist, the songs show up listed in the center
    (library) pane in WMP12. If I double click to play any of those songs, it
    automatically moves the entire playlist (or album or artist) to the right
    pane and leaves the center one empty.
    How do I get this to stop? In WMP11, I believe, it kept playing in the
    center pane until you hit "Edit in List Pane".
    I want to be able to see and use both panes at the same time!
    KyleGarret, Mar 12, 2010
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  2. KyleGarret

    KyleGarret Guest

    Not at all! If I have a playlist in the right plane and I'm considering
    adding a song to it, but I'm not sure until I listen to said song, I can't do
    that, because once I try to listen to it, whatever album or playlist it's in
    automatically replaces the playlist I'm trying to edit in the right plane.
    I want to be able to play songs in the center while working on a playlist on
    the right, but I can no longer do that.
    In other words, I can't really work on a playlist in the center, unless
    working on it doesn't involve actually listening to it.
    KyleGarret, Mar 27, 2010
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  3. KyleGarret

    Tim De Baets Guest

    It can be done the other way around: open the playlist that you want to
    add songs to in the center pane. You can drag songs from whatever
    playlist is currently playing (and is shown in the right pane) to the
    playlist in the center.

    Tim De Baets, Mar 30, 2010
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