Playing WTV video files on Windows Vista

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help' started by Mortimer, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. Mortimer

    Mortimer Guest

    Is there a downloadable codec which adds WTV capability to Vista, in the
    same way that this codec is built into Windows 7? Just to add to the
    complication, the Vista PC that I want to play WTV files on is Vista
    Business (not Home Premium) so it doesn't have Windows Media Centre.

    All the Google matches for "play WTV on Vista" talk about converting WTV to
    DVR-MS, since Vista of any edition can play DVR-MS innately. There's a
    Microsoft hotfix for Vista, but this assumes that Vista has Media Centre -
    ie that it's Home Premium. Would an upgrade of Media Player from V11 to V12

    If there isn't a codec, I may have to convert from WTV on the Windows 7 PC
    (right click, "Convert to DVR-MS"), but that is a hassle. At present I
    record on Vista's Media Centre (on a different PC to the Vista laptop that
    I'm asking about), but it would be useful to standardise on using the
    Windows 7 PC (and ditch the Vista recording PC), giving the advantage that
    subtitles are recorded in WTV format.

    It would also be nice if any codec also allowed VideoRedo to edit WTV files
    on the Vista laptop, in the same way that it does on Win 7.
    Mortimer, Dec 25, 2011
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  2. Mortimer

    Billy Guest

    You may want to try WTVWATCHER
    Billy, Mar 17, 2012
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  3. Mortimer

    Bill Walsh Guest

    I have found the same situation. I'd guess buying Windows 7 is the quickest
    way out, as soon as I find the cash, I'll be the next sucker on Bill Gates
    Bill Walsh, Apr 25, 2012
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