Please don't confuse with beta release and final release...

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Vinod, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. Vinod

    Vinod Guest

    I am seeing this for few times... I am a windows programmer( wrote some
    adwares and spywares... lol u may fetch to kill me).... so i was thinking I
    can be a worst programmer as I am doing bad to others anyways.... I used not
    to care when I leave some debugging messagebox in my release build and I will
    fix it only in the next release....

    But I can't understand Microsoft too writing codes in the same way now a
    days... My automatic update was bugging me to install IE 7.... Atlast I
    installed it after seeing I can restore to IE 6 if needed....
    After my restart, I tried to go to again(I use IE only for
    update as microsoft compell me to download update only from IE, when ever
    some one compell us to do something, I think thats the point when we start
    hating them lol) it popped with some stupid error... as it doesn't recognize
    http ....

    Thanks K-Meleon, firefox so tht i could search whats the problem and found
    its better not to use IE 7 or uninstall the IE 7 i have and download it from
    site and install..... Think of a situation that I didn't knew any other
    browser other than IE.... (May be MS thinks every one has an alternative
    browser so that they can check internet through that reliable browser when IE
    breaks down)

    May be Microsoft consider every PC in the world as their test machine that
    they can make beta releases in the name of final release....

    I love using Windows, I love MS too....
    But don't make me to hate it....

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    Vinod, Nov 8, 2006
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