PLEASE Help! Account's been hacked...

Discussion in 'Windows MSN Messenger' started by Lewis Rees, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. Lewis Rees

    Lewis Rees Guest

    Hiya! My MSN/Hotmail password/secret question has been
    altered by a person I know and I'm having trouble trying
    to get it up and running again. They aren't replying to
    my requests of setting the password etc back to how it
    was. Thankfully, I'm able to use my old/shared MSN
    account, but it's not got the contact list I used to
    keep. On top of this, the hacker can access it at will
    and bother my friends, as well as abuse my hotmail

    I've tried to sort this out through MSN/Microsoft, but I
    NEED my password or secret question's answer to do
    anything. I now have neither. On top of this, when I try
    using the automated online help service, they ask for a
    PID (computer's personal ID), which is registered to
    Dell, not them. However, Dell can do nothing, as they
    have no control over MSN.

    If anybody has some tips as to how to access my account
    again ('legally' or not), I'd very much appreciate it!

    Please email me with answers at:

    Thanks in advance everyone!
    Lewis Rees, Feb 16, 2004
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  2. Jonathan Kay [MVP], Feb 16, 2004
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