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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Mail' started by ibrahim_zubi, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. ibrahim_zubi

    ibrahim_zubi Guest

    i had this werd case:
    we recently moved our small office to next near pleace in the same
    buliding with the same PSTN number and ADSL modem and D-link wireless nothing changed here ok.
    we bout new two laptops (*A*) is HP with vista ultimate the other is
    (*B*)sonny vista 32 home pre.
    i've exported the email setting for the (*A*)and he can send receive
    mails very good to *my wireless network*,
    now i exported the email accout to (*B*)but i can't receive or send any
    mail (error your SMTP server wait 60 sec. would you like to wait

    now if i pluge the (*B)*directly to the ADSL modem i can send receive

    if i connect to *other wireless* network i can send receive emails.
    i've changed the (B) sonny laptop and get Toshiba ultimate vista but
    same problem accure.

    please can someone help????????????
    ibrahim_zubi, Nov 28, 2007
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