Please help me with yahoo messenger grief!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Robin who knows nada ''bout computers, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Hi! I'm new to this. I got a new computer three weeks ago and downloaded
    yahoo messenger so I can talk w/ my friends online. It worked great for a
    week. Then it started booting me off every five minutes but allowed me right
    back on within seconds! I tried to reload it but it kept saying I dont have
    adm rights to do that. I went to check and yes, this IS my computer and I am
    the only adm listed..LOL! Grrr! Now is no longer working at all
    and I got a message from yahoo messenger that said they shut it down til a
    problem could be found and they suggested I contact microsoft or come here.
    Do you think it could have something to do with my firewall or security or
    something? I have Trend antivirus that was installed at Best Buy by the Geek
    Squad. Also when yahoo msg shut down it said it had tried to go to testbug or
    something like that to do a check but my hardware didnt support that?
    Help...please someone?? I shouldnt have this problem with a new computer. All
    I want to do is chat with my friends, who'd have thought it would be so hard,
    it was so easy on my old computer!! I would appreciate your help so so so
    Robin who knows nada ''bout computers, Mar 19, 2008
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  2. On the Bridge!, Mar 19, 2008
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  3. Oh have in mind that LIVE MESSENGER 8.1 and above (current is 8.5)
    can chate with YAHOO CONTACTS!

    so you can add her to messenger live, and talk to her even though she will
    be using YAHOO!

    get it here,

    and read about using it with yahoo contacts here

    Connect with your friends on Yahoo!
    With Windows Live Messenger, you can talk to your contacts on Yahoo! Just
    add their e-mail addresses (like all your other Messenger contacts) and you
    can see if they're online or offline and even share emoticons. You can send
    and receive messages while you appear to be offline. And if you really are
    offline, your contacts can still send you messages-you'll get them next time
    you log in.

    "Robin who knows nada ''bout computers"
    On the Bridge!, Mar 19, 2008
  4. Robin who knows nada ''bout computers

    Bob Guest

    Uninstall YM, then reinstall using "custom" installation and DO NOT install
    the Yahoo Toolbar.

    For future reference:

    Don't ever do a "default" install of anything. Always choose Custom and see
    what else is being carried along. Don't install any extras you're not sure

    *Report back, please*
    [When responding to posts, please include the post(s) you are replying to so
    that others may learn and benefit from the issue]

    [How to ask a question]

    "Robin who knows nada ''bout computers"
    Bob, Mar 19, 2008
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