Plz help me.. Vista is arguing with Spyware and Antivirus programs

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Security' started by Jeanne C. B., Jul 21, 2007.

  1. Jeanne C. B.

    Jeanne C. B. Guest

    My SpywareDr. says I have 99 infections to include a "Trojan" and some other
    "High" rated infections-- Windows Defender says system is clean, McAffee says
    nothing is wrong. Something IS wrong, my fav radio station won't play
    (WYLDFM98/NewOrleans)I downloaded Adobe Player/Flash 9.0 but only 8.1 is
    listed/showing under Programs menu. Also,the whole internet is s-s-s-o-o-o
    s-l-o-w I keep "Upgrading" and can't get into my regular gamesites (ie: I have latest Java installed yet site is telling me I don't (& yes
    it is enabled along with "ActiveX" thingie) I am really lost here. Vista
    Basic came already installed on my emachine I bought in April this yr (b-day
    present 4myself) and it seems hardly anything is compatible and the things
    that are Vista argues with and "rebukes"(including its own code to register
    with printed on the disc label). Please help, I wanna take Vista off and
    trade for "downgrade" to Windows XP, may I?
    Jeanne C. B., Jul 21, 2007
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  2. Jeanne C. B.

    Charlie Tame Guest

    Many of these Anti-whatever programs have a distinct tendency to
    "Sensationalize" anything they find, so things it flags like "Cookies"
    can be ignored, at least for a time. The "Trojan" may be a false
    positive, make sure that your spyware definitions are up to date. If you
    can name the Trojan it would help.

    It does sound like the machine has a lot of problems and a clean install
    of "Something" would be better than you have - has it slowed down or was
    it always a bit slow?

    What kind of disks came with it? To change to XP you may encounter
    driver problems where with the supplied CDs (If any) at least you should
    get up and running with minimal trouble. (Note use of the word "Should" :)
    Charlie Tame, Jul 21, 2007
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  3. Jeanne C. B.

    Jeanne C. B. Guest

    1.) Trojan downloader.Agent.AAE type cookieRated=HIGH, 2.) Cometcursor
    Advertizing rated HIGH, I have settings clear tmp internet files w/ every
    shutdown (which I do usually every morn b4 I go2 workxcept Wed it "sleep"
    mode so it can do it's scheduled updates and clean-up/ de-frag. I clear
    cache automatically and browser history is for no more than 7 days. I have
    DSL through Qwest, the computer wasn't always this slow-- I know from just
    adding my own personal settings/profiles for family users causes some slowing
    as files are saved/downloaded/installed etc. but this goes a bit beyond I
    feel. Avail Virt Mem=301.64 MB/1.46 GB, Phys total Mem=501.43MB/ 88.86MB
    Avail. The system discs that came with this emachine=Windows Anytime
    Upgrade+cert./Authinticity on the Operating Syst Disc WindowsVistaBasic 32
    Bit<< registration failed because labeled codes do not match whatever the
    pre-installed VistaBasic code says/is. Showing labels/stickers/cd-rom
    case(s) to the computer screen haven't yet helped-- dare not mention my
    thinning patience that caused me to just give-up vise blow-up. Does this
    better help diagnose my issues? How big of idiot am I yet?
    Jeanne C. B., Jul 21, 2007
  4. Jeanne C. B.

    dean-dean Guest

    Comet Cursor Removal Instructions and Help:

    In Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\System Tools try Internet Explorer (No
    Add-ons), and see if your browsing speed picks up. Things like Flash Payer
    and Java will be temporally disabled, but maybe you'll see in this 'test' if
    maybe other plug-ins or toolbars are causing the slow down. If IE7 moves
    along a lot faster, consider un-installing a lot of your toolbars and
    what-not through Control Panel\Programs and Features. You can leave things
    like Flash, Java, and the Adobe Reader plug-in, as normally they don't cause
    the kind of behavior you describe, but too many can slow down IE

    I frankly can't get this to work either, after the commercial, and my
    browser normally runs quite fast. It may be that certain content from their
    station can't be broadcast over the Internet, and you have to wait for the
    "Internet allowable" stuff to come on, although I've been waiting for quite
    some time):

    As to your Adobe Flash Player problem, uninstall "Adobe Flash Player Active
    X" in Control Panel\Programs and Features, if it exists (note that this NOT
    the same thing as Adobe Reader 8.1). Then download and run this first, from

    Then, for Internet Explorer, try the standalone installer. This is the
    latest version (Adobe Flash Player, from Adobe:

    Before running either of the above .exe files, right-click on them, choose
    Properties, and click on the Unblock button, then Apply, and then OK (you
    can also check the Digital Signatures tab to check to see that is signed by
    Adobe Systems Incorporated). Then close Properties, and right-click on the
    first file and choose Run as Administrator. When that's done running, do
    the same for the second file.
    dean-dean, Jul 22, 2007
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