PNY SD Flash Card

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Altimax98, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. Altimax98

    Altimax98 Guest

    I just bought a PNY SD cadr to use with ready boost. The problem is that it
    will not work at all. When i put it in my computer in my integrated reader,
    (a 32Meg SD card will work) it comes up with 0 bytes used and 0 bytes open.
    It wont read write or format, it keeps erroring out. So i tried it on my dads
    XP based laptop and it works fine. What gives is it a bug in vista, cause it
    sucks that I cant use my card.
    Altimax98, Nov 20, 2006
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  2. Hi I realy like readyboost my t23 laptop is really super fast with vista. I
    used a 1gig
    usb flash drive, [email protected], IT added some 500MB to my CPU catch which
    was only 2MB. THIS HAS SOLD ME ON VISTA other stuff is like dressed up XP.
    waynesdukeess, Nov 20, 2006
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  3. Some cards and controllers just don't like each other. This is a further
    problem as the OS drivers also play a role in this. And the drivers in Vista
    will sometimes not like a card that XP would use just fine on the same
    computer. This is also reversed as we have had cards that XP didn't like and
    Vista sees perfectly on the same computer.

    Take the card back and try to find another brand. So far we have had the
    best luck with SanDisk SD/CompactFlash/USB with Vista. Other brands have
    been almost a 50/50 chance. As Vista is released look for Flash memory
    devices to show Vista certification, esepcially for ReadyBoost.

    Good luck,
    TheNetAvenger, Nov 20, 2006
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