Positioning Pictures does not work for My Pictures

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Music, Pictures and Video' started by Stjb., Feb 19, 2007.

  1. Stjb.

    Stjb. Guest

    I do not know if it is just my computer but for some reason I cannot get my
    personal pictures to reposition on the screen. Nothing happens to my desktop
    when I click the radio buttons for the "Fit to", "Tile", and "Center"
    positions for my pictures. However, if the picture is a windows wallpaper
    picture, clicking those buttons will do it's intended purpose. But it
    doesn't work for my pictures. Why? I clicked ok to see if that was the
    problem and it just returned to the "Personalization" screen. By the way,
    the default position for all my non-windows-pictures is center. I would like
    to use "Fit to" but it does not work for my picture. This process seems so
    simple and self-explanatory, I am 100% sure I am not doing anything wrong.
    My final assessment of the issue leads me to conclude that either there is
    something wrong with my computer or there is something wrong with Home Vista
    Premium. So my questions are: Does anyone else seem to have this problem?
    If not, does anyone have any solutions? And does anyone related to Windows
    Support know of any solutions if this problem is not unique? Thank you so
    Stjb., Feb 19, 2007
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  2. Stjb.

    Guest Guest

    Your pictures are probably bigger than your screen so all three options will
    look the same.
    Guest, Feb 19, 2007
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  3. Stjb.

    Stjb. Guest

    Though I am still seeking a reply, I did discover a cheap fix to my problem
    (in case anyone else is having the same problem.

    If you are desperate to change the position of your picture and it will not
    work from the personalization screen, simply find the folder of your desired
    picture, copy the picture, and then paste the picture in the "Sample
    Pictures" folder. I am happy to say it worked for me.

    It seems like I have isolated the problems source. After choosing a folder
    via the Browse button, the folder's pictures open up and I can reposition the
    photo I like. The problem seems to be after one selects a picture from
    outside the personalization screen (i.e. from the web, from picture gallery,
    from the pictures folder) and then enters the personalization screen after
    that with hopes of repositioning the foreign borne picture. Well, great, now
    I know for certain it is either a bug or it was not intended to work... I
    don't know.

    It doesn't seem to be a problem for internet explorer borne backgrounds. I
    think the bug has to do with the "Windows Photo Gallery Wallpaper File".
    Apparently, that file and the "Personalization" screen do not get along too

    Well, wow. It seems like I can provide myself with technical support, why
    pay? Anyhow, I better stop before I actually find a real solution to the
    core problem and steal Microsoft's glory. However, if any Microsoft Vista
    developer reads this post, please consider if this merits a fix. Thank you
    very much.
    Stjb., Feb 19, 2007
  4. Stjb.

    Stjb. Guest

    Reply to:
    Hey, thanks so much for replying, I apreciate it alot.

    That is definetly a good observation. However, I was writing a relply to my
    own question (silly me, what's wrong with me?) when I was notified of a post.
    And when I figured out how to get around the problem - as the problem is
    still not solved - its interesting to note that the picture in question did
    noticeably change when the radio buttons worked.

    The solution I found, by the way, involved copying the picture in question
    to the "Sample Pictures" folder and then adjusting it there. Then after
    that, a much easier solution I figured out would be opening up a picture via
    the browse button in the "Personalization" screen. Then it is no problem for
    Vista. But the thing about those solutions is that they just avoid the
    problem, not fix it. The real problem, that needs to be fixed, not avoided,
    is that the the Personalization screen will not let me repostion the the
    "Windows Photo Gallery Wallpaper" file it seems. And then again, its
    happening on my computer.

    If this problem is not unique to me, then it should occur on your system
    too. To find out, just set a picture in your own pictures folder (it could
    even be a sample pictures picture because it is not the folder, it is the
    file thats the problem) and then after that, right-click the desktop, click
    Personalize, click Desktop Background, and then try repositioning the photo
    to see if anything happens. If you try it, please let me know if you get the
    same problem as me. Thanks alot.

    Once again, thanks so much for replying to my post!


    Stjb., Feb 19, 2007
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