Possible Fix for SP2 Users

Discussion in 'Windows MSN Messenger' started by beN, Apr 9, 2005.

  1. beN

    beN Guest

    Hi Everyone,

    If you are using Windows XP Service Pack 2 with the
    firewall set up in its default configuration, you may have
    to allow it to let UPnP out before MSN will work. Mine was
    hanging after 10 seconds until I did this, and now it
    (touch wood) appears to be fine.

    Go to Control Panel, select Windows Firewall.

    Go to the Exceptions Tab, scroll until you see UPnP, and
    place a check mark in the box next to it. Click Apply, OK
    and start Messenger.

    Hopefuly this helps someoone apart from me :)
    beN, Apr 9, 2005
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