Possible to relocate Vista multiple account folders to NAS?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Networking' started by daztrue, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. daztrue

    daztrue Guest

    I'm wondering if the option to relocate account folders such a
    Documents, Pictures etc. in Vista is possible with the setup I have i

    I have multiple PCs on my network and want to relocate th
    corresponding account folders from each PC - i.e. MyAccount from PC1
    MyAccount from PC2 - to the same locations on a NAS, thus whateve
    changes are made on one will be reflected on another - giving a kind o
    Active Directory 'impression'

    Example: Go to Documents and select Properties > Location > Move, an
    relocate directory to NAS. Do the same for correspondin
    account/directory on another PC and relocate to same location on NAS

    I want to know whether relocating directories from two separat
    directories/accounts/PCs to the same location on the NAS will caus
    problems, or whether files will simply be accessable from eithe

    If it's possible, will there be any permission issues (Windows and/o
    NAS) and could such relocation still be done (even if some tweaking i
    necessary) for directories such as Favorites, Contacts, Links etc
    daztrue, Feb 22, 2010
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