Possible to write data to SMBIOS from ACPI operation region??

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Drivers' started by Bill McKenzie, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. I have been reading the docs on ACPI operation regions and it seems that
    these regions are only useful for getting data from the BIOS, is this true?

    I have a need to access an SMBIOS interface which requires punching a
    physical address into a CPU register directly and then writing an I/O port.
    I was wondering if this interface could be converted to an ACPI op region
    and avoid all of the non-standard, non-WHQL approved kernel calls that are
    necessary to make this work?

    I notice that their are two access types listed for these regions "cooked"
    and "raw". The latest docs say "raw" access isn't implemented yet. I am
    guessing this is what would be needed for this type of interface yes?
    Originally, I was hoping that ACPI op region buffers were shared between
    BIOS and ACPI op region registrars, but it appears that the data flow is
    only one way, yes?

    Any pointers on how these op regions work and even better how an SMBIOS
    interface such as this could be accessed in a cleaner fashion would be much

    BTW, for the sake of discussion assume I can modify the BIOS at will.

    Bill M.
    Bill McKenzie, Nov 15, 2005
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