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Discussion in 'Virtual PC' started by dcox2121, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. dcox2121

    dcox2121 Guest

    How does the XP Mode virtual pc in Windows 7 handle a power failure? Say you are working in Excel, do some edits and press save, do the changes get saved to the VHD immediately? When you look at the VHD file the date/time doesn't change. If it is not immediately saved to the VHD is the data lost in the event of a power failure?
    dcox2121, Jan 30, 2014
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  2. No power, No saved

    Have a good day
    Mynews [ OK US EN ], Jan 31, 2014
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  3. dcox2121

    Dave Warren Guest

    In the last episode of
    At least in theory, the same as a physical machine. When the virtual OS
    receives a "flush cache to disk" it passes this on to the host OS.

    In practice, such commands are not issued when files are saved, but
    rather, when the file system needs it to ensure file system consistency
    and recoverability.

    In general, it's no different than using a non-virtualized XP
    environment, data is written within a second unless your drive is
    extremely slow or overloaded.

    And no, the VHD's date/time stamp won't change. The file is kept open,
    the time stamp is only written when files are opened/closed.
    Dave Warren, Jan 31, 2014
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