'Power Management' option lost from DeviceManager, ndis6.2 miniport driver build with WDK6734.1

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Drivers' started by zhangfei, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. zhangfei

    zhangfei Guest

    DeviceManager ¨¤ property lost the ¡®Power Management¡¯ option.

    My ndis6.2 NIC driver registerd NDIS_PM_CAPABILITIES, but it never gets
    OID_PM_PARAMETERS query/set.


    // pPMCapabilities -- PNDIS_PM_CAPABILITIES

    NdisZeroMemory( pPMCapabilities, sizeof(*pPMCapabilities) );

    pPMCapabilities->Header.Type = NDIS_OBJECT_TYPE_DEFAULT; /*fixme!*/

    pPMCapabilities->Header.Revision = NDIS_PM_CAPABILITIES_REVISION_1;

    pPMCapabilities->Header.Size =

    pPMCapabilities->SupportedWoLPacketPatterns =

    pPMCapabilities->NumTotalWoLPatterns = MAX_PATTERN_COUNT;

    pPMCapabilities->MaxWoLPatternSize = MAX_PATTERN_SIZE; // maximum
    bytes that can be compared against a pattern.

    pPMCapabilities->MaxWoLPatternOffset = 0; // strting from MAC header,
    how many bytes in the packet can be examined.

    pPMCapabilities->MaxWoLPacketSaveBuffer = MAX_PATTERN_SIZE; // how
    many bytes of WOL packet can be saved to a buffer and indicated up.

    pPMCapabilities->MinMagicPacketWakeUp = NdisDeviceStateD3;

    pPMCapabilities->MinPatternWakeUp = NdisDeviceStateD3;

    pPMCapabilities->MinLinkChangeWakeUp = NdisDeviceStateD3;

    GeneralAttributes.PowerManagementCapabilitiesEx = &PMCapabilities;

    Status = NdisMSetMiniportAttributes(Adapter->MiniportAdapterHandle,


    Any suggestions? Thanks.
    zhangfei, Jun 30, 2008
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