Pre-RC1 Build 5536 - Initial Experience

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Morgan Nelson, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. I have installed this on 4 different machines with some similar and some
    unique issues. Overall this build ROCKS! I AM getting EXCITED about
    Microsoft again!

    Dell Latitude D820 - Upgrade form XP Professional
    The Good
    - Much more stable - in the 6 hours I have been using it. With Beta 2 I
    would have had to bounce it atleast twice.
    - Looks sharper visually. Cleaner lines and a more polished look and feel
    - Seems quicker - as long as I dumb down the graphics (see below)
    - The Upgrade actually completed without any errors - unlike previous
    versions that we could use to "upgrade to a beta"
    - The battery/power meter seems to actually work in this build

    The Bad
    - Product Key provided by the Windows Vista Influential Program for the
    Pre-RC1 install DOES NOT WORK!
    - Upgrade took 2 hours and 23 minutes to complete
    - UPEK - Biometric reader is not supported
    - ACDSEE Pro completely hosed after upgrade
    - IntelPROSET wireless utility is not supported
    - No Audio - SigmaTel Audio drivers are non-existant
    - nVidia Quadra NVS 120M feels very sluggish even though it has 512MB RAM
    - Office 2007 Beta2 hosed after Upgrade
    - One Care hosed after Upgrade
    ***** Make Sure to DEAUTHORIZE iTunes BEFORE upgrading *****

    Dell Precision 470 - Clean Install
    The Good
    - The Clean Install was faster than Beta 2 by about 30 minutes
    - Visually stunning and very Crisp looking.
    - nVidia Quadra FX1300 works GREAT with this build - Beta 2 sucked.
    - Seems to boot faster than Beta 2 did.
    - Much more stable - I mean MUCH MUCH MUCH more stable than Beta 2 on this
    - The GAMES work and are not as slow as tar so you can actually PLAY them
    without losing interest :)
    - Office 2007 Beta 2 installed without any issues

    The Bad
    - No SigmalTel Audio drivers. (This is EXTREMELY fristrating since it seems
    to be th emost widely used chipset out there. All 4 of my systems -
    Latitude D820, PREcision 470, Mac Pro and Mac Mini use SigmaTel Audio)

    Mac Pro (yes a MAC) via Boot Camp - Clean Install
    The Good
    - The Clean Install went very quickly
    - Visually stunning and very Crisp looking.
    - nVidia GeForce 7300 GT looks sweet!
    - - Office 2007 Beta 2 installed without any issues
    - FASTEST Vista machine of the 4 - of course it is a Dual XEON Core Duo :)

    The Bad
    - Damn SigmaTel driver again :-(
    - No support for the wireless adapter

    Mac Mini (yes ANOTHER Mac) via Boot Camp - Upgrade
    The Good
    - It actually ran teh Upgrade this time. BETA 2 would bomb in the first few
    - Actually FASTER than the upgrade on the Dell Latitude - 1 hour 58 minutes
    - Looks better onthe Mac Mini than the ugly XP Pro did :)
    - Runs about the same as XP did.

    The Bad
    - Missing SigmaTel Audio driver
    - Cannot run AERO due to the weak video adapter
    - Wireless does not work.
    Morgan Nelson, Aug 29, 2006
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  2. Morgan Nelson

    Tom Ziegmann Guest

    Hello Morgan,

    Please bug anything that you think should be bugged, and please make your
    feedback public so those of us in the TechBeta can help repro and validate.

    Tom Ziegmann
    Microsoft Certified Professional
    Windows Vista / Server Longhorn Technical Beta Tester
    Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 Technical Beta Tester
    Tom Ziegmann, Aug 29, 2006
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