Pre-RC1 terminates while expanding the files.

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by Janet Weber, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. Janet Weber

    Janet Weber Guest

    When installing pre-rc1 the software terminates says the it can't find files
    it need to run. I thinK that my download was corrupted and now I can't
    redownload the ISO file.
    Did anyone else have this problem?
    Also what size is the download supposed to be?

    Janet Weber, Aug 31, 2006
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  2. Janet Weber

    Paula Guest

    2.58 gig
    Paula, Aug 31, 2006
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  3. Janet Weber

    PimpTwzt Guest

    Mine is reading from the drive and gives me a BSOD stating "Memory Managment"
    when its expanding files at 0%
    PimpTwzt, Aug 31, 2006
  4. Janet Weber

    Irfan Guest

    I have this problem as well. Stops at 4%. Error code: 0x800703E6
    Irfan, Sep 1, 2006
  5. Janet Weber

    CM Guest

    I'm having the same issue, although expanding files usually gets to a few
    percent (it varies) before the BSOD. What hardware do you have?

    I've got an Athlon XP 2400+, nForce2 motherboard, 1GB RAM.
    CM, Sep 2, 2006
  6. Janet Weber

    CM Guest

    I'm getting this as well. What type of hardware do you have?
    CM, Sep 2, 2006
  7. Janet Weber

    DRATliff Guest

    For what it's worth, I was receiving the same error with the DVD ISO. Turns
    out it was an issue with my CD/DVD-ROM drive. I switched my BIOS to boot
    from my Plextor DVD burner, and I was able to install successfully.
    DRATliff, Dec 30, 2006
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