Preparation advice needed for Win-x64 conversion

Discussion in 'Windows 64 Bit' started by Barry Culp, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. Barry Culp

    Barry Culp Guest


    I am considering converting an existing Alienware dual Opteron 250 Win/XP
    Pro system to Win-x64. I have 2 separate hard drives C: and D: with C: being
    the boot drive for Win/XP Pro. I would like to end up with a dual boot
    system with Win-x64 on drive D: . I tried to do my own research but havent
    had much luck other than finding this newsgroup. Do I need to update BIOS,
    disk drivers, CD/DVD drivers before I install ? Does anyone have any advice
    on what I should do before I convert ? Can someone point me to a link or
    other source of information that might help me do my own prep work ?

    Thanks for any help

    Barry C
    Barry Culp, Dec 9, 2005
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  2. Andre Da Costa [Extended64], Dec 9, 2005
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  3. Charlie Russel - MVP, Dec 9, 2005
  4. Barry Culp

    Randy Guest

    Congratulations on being one of very few to complete the first step towards
    64bit computing: thinking about it and planning before acting. ;~)

    Looking for peripheral drivers, if not new 64bit peripherals, may be your
    biggest task (assuming your mobo/BIOS, video, chipset, etc. is up to snuff).
    It's amazing how many just try installing, often without even looking at the
    readme type files that come with the OS first... there's so much info
    available, and you deserve honors for making the effort to ask and learn
    before jumping in.

    Start by browsing your system's website. Or look at the individual
    components' sites if you built it yourself. Then do the same for anything
    you've added on; in each case you'll be looking for explicit 64bit
    compatibility, either built-in or available via downloaded driver. USB
    support has been the weakest link for me... but I was fortunate enough to
    buy a new 64bit printer/scanner, so that wasn't a problem for me the way it
    was for many others. You will likely also need a new modem if you currently
    use one to dialout for Internet access etc. Your existing monitor and video
    card should work with (at least) the built-in generic drivers, but you'll
    likely get better performance with specific drivers for each (all need be

    You will probably have the best experience if you at least initially dual-
    boot x64 Windows (after x32 is already installed) on its own partition or
    physical drive (it will install to a primary drive or a logical drive in an
    extended partition, and can create and format them for you during the
    install process). You probably want at least 8G hard drive space *minimum*
    per OS. I'd also advise at *least* 512M system RAM. The biggest problem with
    hard drives seems to be with SATAII drives and RAIDs generally; be sure you
    have the required driver on floppy and be ready to insert it when the OS
    asks for it... the dreaded "F6" prompt. Optical drives shouldn't need
    drivers. Nor should older IDE disks.

    You will likely need to get new 64bit-capable utilities for your system,
    such as a firewall, spyware and virus scanners, disk maintenance, etc.
    Networking is largely unchanged.

    And what that will hopefully get you is a relatively stress-free
    installation and working system your first attempt, probably within an
    hour's time of booting to your install disc! Which is a *nice* feeling! :~)
    Randy, Dec 14, 2005
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