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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Drivers' started by David D., Jan 9, 2005.

  1. David D.

    David D. Guest

    Hello all,

    I want to intercept all the print jobs sent to a printer and pop up a dialog
    to ask user for confirmation (telling him page count, price, etc.)

    I searched on previous posts in the newsgroups and I think that the better
    solution was to implement a print-monitor.

    So now I've implemented a print monitor DLL (ConfirmMonitor.dll) that
    supporta a new kind of port that is redirected to another existing port. The
    target .DLL is loaded and initialized by my .DLL. Basically, all the calls
    are forwarder to the target monitor .DLL, except StartDocPort(). When
    StartDocPort is called in my DLL it pops up the confirmation dialog, if user
    cancels then StartDocPort returns FALSE, ...

    It works fine when target ports are local (LPT1:, nul:, pdf...).

    But it fails with network ports. In this case, I can send the print job, it
    arrives to the print server and it's shown in the queue, but it is NOT
    - Then if I stop spooler in the client, the job is printed in the server and
    deleted from the queue.
    - If I send a second print-job, the first job is printed and the second
    remains in the queue.
    - In the print server, the real document name does not appear; instead it
    appears as "Remote low level document" (maybe another words, I've translated
    from spanish).

    The printer driver is the same in both computers.

    Any suggestion or idea?

    Another solution seems to be by using api hooking...

    Anyway I would like to now what's the problem in the print monitor DLL.

    David D.
    David D., Jan 9, 2005
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