Printer driver neededfor HP Photosmart

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Printing / Faxing / Scanning' started by stox, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. stox

    stox Guest

    I have a HP photosmart 1218 and have just brought a new rig which has
    dual boot config with Vista64 and Xp Pro64.

    I have managed to get the printer to install in XP but trying the sam
    method in Vista doesn't work.. can anyone help

    I installed it in XP Pro64 by downloading the XP64 bit driver for
    deskjet 970cse and then simply installing it :

    HP themselves suggested just setting the printer up manually in Vist
    as a deskjet 970cse.. this gave me the idea for the above trick. Bu
    when i tried this the test page came out garbled :( where as in XP th
    test page printed fine.

    I know the printer is getting old but it works perfectly well and i'
    loathed to bin it . So is there anyone out there who can point me in th
    direction of any other drivers i could use other than the official xp 3
    bit software driver on the HP website which doesn't work

    Thanx in advance
    stox, Aug 23, 2008
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  2. stox

    Bob Headrick Guest

    The Deskjet 990 driver is probably a better match for the Photosmart 1218.
    Use Add Printer, add it as LPT1: using the built-in driver in Vista nd then
    change later to the USB port if needed.

    Bob Headrick, MS MVP Printing/Imaging
    Bob Headrick, Aug 24, 2008
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  3. stox

    stox Guest

    Thanx Bob, i will give that a go. I will let you know how i get on
    stox, Aug 24, 2008
  4. stox

    stox Guest

    Thanx again Bob, It worked :)
    stox, Aug 27, 2008
  5. stox

    Keith Guest

    I can't access a new message! So here's my problem. I have an HP Deskjet 840C
    printer. I just put in a new colour cartridge & I can't get it to work. It
    prints the colour in black & white. I rang a computer store and they said to
    do a test print from the printer but I can't work out how to do that. Any
    Keith, Aug 30, 2008
  6. stox

    Bob Headrick Guest

    You can print a diagnostic page as shown at
    which says to turn on the printer, then press and hold the power button,
    then press the resume button four times, then release the power button.

    If the diagnostic page does not print any color there are a few things to
    check - make sure the protective tape has been removed from the cartridge.
    Next try cleaning the cartridge contacts as shown at:

    If the diagnostic page prints properly but normal printing does not check
    the driver settings and make sure the box to print with the black cartridge
    only has not been checked.

    Bob Headrick, MS MVP Printing/Imaging
    Bob Headrick, Aug 30, 2008
    hp photo smart C4280 need driver, Oct 24, 2008
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