priv1.edb + priv1.stm at 16GB = HELP!

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Teija, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. Teija

    Teija Guest

    Had a bit of fun yesterday with our SBS2003 server when priv1.edb and
    priv1.stm reached 16GB. First, tried to increase by 1GB as per KB article -
    to no avail. Then, ran online defrag with no results. Finally, had one major
    contributor to the problem permanent delete a boat load from her email
    folders, dismounted store and ran offline defrag (ESEUTIL), which still only
    took the priv1.edb + priv1.stm to just under 16GB. So, then I sent out a note
    to everyone to dump as much as they could from their all mail folders, plus
    dump Deleted Items. I then dismounted the mailstore again and took the
    server through another defrag. The priv1 files are STILL at just about 16GB.
    What do I have to do to keep mail services running until we can install the
    SP that increases the 16GB limit to 75GB. Thank you!
    Teija, Sep 20, 2005
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  2. Teija

    Matt Gibson Guest

    You need to do an OFFLINE defrag, not an online one.

    Matt Gibson - GSEC
    Matt Gibson, Sep 20, 2005
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  3. Teija

    Teija Guest

    I did both, first the online one and then the offline one, twice. Or did I
    misunderstand ... I thought dismounting the mailstore and running ESEUTIL /d
    performed an offline defrag. Thanks. Teija
    Teija, Sep 20, 2005
  4. check your 'deleted items retention period'

    Exchange/Server/Storage group, call up the properties for the store, on the
    limits page, 'Keep deleted item for (days)'. I think SBS defaults to 30 days
    (maybe 7, forget, I run 90). I _think_ if you now set it to 0, restart the
    store, then defrag it (offline), then reset it to something useful (your
    choice), your store should shrink.

    Mind you, now that it is under 16GB, just setting the retention time and
    restarting the store will create a lot of blank space in the store (ie. the
    files will still be ~16GB but incoming items will not cause the size to
    increase), online defrag will consolidate the whitespace.
    SuperGumby [SBS MVP], Sep 20, 2005
  5. Teija

    Teija Guest

    Thanks SuperGumby! Does the deleted items retention apply even if users:
    a) bypass the deleted items by deleting using Shift-Del;
    b) manually dump their own deleted items;
    c) have their Outlook client set to automatically dump deleted items when
    they exit?

    If the Deleted Items are still there, after all that, for 30 days then I'll
    definitely have to change that and defrag again.

    Am I correct, though, in that I did the proper OFFLINE defrag by dismounting
    the mailstore and running ESEUTIL? Thanks.
    Teija, Sep 20, 2005
  6. yes, nothing a user does can effect the retention.
    yes, to offline defrag the store you unmount it and use eseutil.

    Really, unless you have space problems on the partition holding the store,
    or performance problems because the store is heavily fragmented, there's
    really not much benefit in running another defrag.
    How to defragment with the Eseutil utility (Eseutil.exe)
    SuperGumby [SBS MVP], Sep 20, 2005
  7. Teija

    Amnon Feiner Guest

    Sound like you did. My way of doing it after I got to 16 GB, was to
    install a new exchange server, move all boxes to the new one and back.
    Sort of a round trip. The store when down to 8.2 GB... Go figure.
    Amnon Feiner, Sep 20, 2005
  8. Dr. VanNostrin, Sep 22, 2005
  9. Teija

    A. Feiner Guest

    A. Feiner, Sep 23, 2005
  10. Little bit.... ;-P

    Still get to watch the re-runs every night though.....
    Dr. VanNostrin, Sep 23, 2005
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