Problem after installing KB931768

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Bob O, May 10, 2007.

  1. Bob O

    Bob O Guest

    My Outlook 2000 SP3 slowed down after this update. Type characters in a new
    mail and two seconds later they appear. Also, messages are slow appearing in
    the preview pane. Uninstalled KB931768 and all is normal again.
    Bob O, May 10, 2007
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  2. Bob O

    genepiccola Guest

    I had this problem and after searching a bunch of newsgroups, found an
    easy fix that worked for me as well as what others did. I wanted to
    give back by summarizing what I found because this was driving me
    insane. All credit goes to "Eddie Kasper" since I found the solution
    that worked for me in his post in microsoft.public.outlook.general in
    the thread entitled "Outlook 2003 Slow/Doesn't connect to Exchange
    after May Windows Up".

    Description and symptoms:
    Problem is described as slow Outlook, slow HTML mail, slow sending/
    receiving, and most notably that characters typed show up on the
    screen long after they are typed (a few seconds for some, to as long
    as 15+ seconds in my case).
    Problem seems to be related to the KB931768 patch from 5/8, which is
    an IE7 fix hint hint IE7, HTML email:
    Problem seems to be mostly or exclusively in Office 2003's Outlook and
    not in the 2007 version.
    Problem is not related to the email system being used (e.g. Exchange)
    but to the Outlook client itself and how HTML mails are rendered on
    the screen.

    Solution that worked for me:
    If I select (left-click) Outlook Today once the problem goes away. I
    haven't got the slightest idea why. If I do this, I'm fine. If I
    close Outlook and restart it, HTML mail is slow again, and returns to
    normal if I go to Outlook Today just long enough for that screen to
    pain and then right back to my Inbox. My Outlook normally opens on my
    Inbox. I never use "Outlook Today".

    Solutions others used that they claimed fixed the problem:
    1) Uninstalling KB931768 (Implies you also avoid/exclude it and/or
    stop Windows Updates, which isn't so good.)
    2) Right-clicking on your "root" email folder (Outlook Today), then
    properties, Folder Size. This did not work for me. It was claimed
    that after doing this once the problem resolved, however I suspect the
    person selected Outlook Today by left-clicking it (which solves the
    problem by itself for me) then did the right-click/properties/folder
    size and decided that was what helped.
    3) One person said turning off Phishing checker in IE7 and then re-
    enabling it fixed this (I didn't try it).
    4) Many folks used System Restore to roll back to a time before the
    patches, which is probably the same as uninstalling KB931768 to some
    extent, but also probably kills some of the positive benefits of the
    other, non-implicated patches that came out the same day.

    My troubleshooting, in case it helps:
    How I isolated this to HTML mail is that first thing, I tried to reply
    to a mail that was HTML and my typed response came out incredibly slow
    on the screen (as above). As I was puzzling over this (I'm the
    network admin here and expected people to begin appearing with this
    problem any time) someone else showed up with the same issue. Then
    another. I found that new mail I composed did not have this
    slowness, and put together that I use Plain Text format for my mail by
    default. Tests showed that messages in Plain Text and Rich Text don't
    display the problem for us here, but any HTML email (newly composed,
    a response to or forwarding of an HTML mail, which is by default an
    HTML mail) exhibits the problem. So the easy workaround in the short
    term was not to use HTML mail or to convert a message down to another
    format before replying/forwarding etc. Later I found the "solution"
    above, which seems to be waiting for a patch-to-the-patch from
    Microsoft to address.
    genepiccola, May 11, 2007
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  3. I tried to search for a recommendation from him to uninstall and wait
    for an amended update (which I gather is what you are doing?) but had to modify
    my search to find this summary by Smokin Hologram in that newsgroup:

    (search of that newsgroup for
    kasper KB931768 uninstall

    You may be interested also in Jim Eshelman's summary
    of the facts:

    and some other comments and ideas from Bill Castner
    in the same discussion.

    BTW your circumvention of selecting Outlook Today
    sounds like an even easier procedure than the one
    being advocated by Ronald Reagan here:

    Each time Outlook is started, go to Tools/Options (in your menu bar),
    click on the Security tab, and then click OK to exit.

    (which is where I found the above aumha link courtesy of
    poster the4bs.)


    Robert Aldwinckle
    Robert Aldwinckle, May 16, 2007
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