problem getting printer to work on system

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Printing / Faxing / Scanning' started by lookforanswers, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. hello, i have a problem with getting my pagepro 1400 working on my new

    its windows vista 64 bit with all the updates.

    i have used the usb plug and play auto instal and the printer shows up
    in microsoft office as a printer to select put when i go to print
    through the printer, it offers it up as if the printer is offline and
    ask me to save the print file.

    the printer status states the printer is not installed to the local
    port, and that non-usb connections are not supported, which i believe i
    understand, but the printer is still pluged in through usb, the same usb
    port as the instal (ive tried all my usb ports with the port and other
    devices and they work and the printer still shows as not connected to
    local port)

    another odd note is i was going to try uninstalling the diver and
    reinstalling it and i get the error printer spooler is unstable, please
    restart and try again, and this never works for me. ive checked to see
    if the printer spooler is running and it is, ive turned it off and tried
    to uninstal and no such luck, turned it back on...etc..and no such luck.

    i am kind of lost as to who this problem is with, my old xp system had
    the printer working fine. is this a problem with vista 64bit or konica
    vista drivers or both?

    thanks for your help!
    lookforanswers, Aug 5, 2009
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  2. lookforanswers

    Malke Guest

    Did you get the Vista 64 drivers from here?

    If not, that's your next step. There are also installation instructions you
    can download at that link.

    Malke, Aug 5, 2009
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  3. yeah i went there first

    i had one of my problems when trying to re instal the drivers becaus
    it asks you to uninstal the old file, and thats where i was running int
    the "printer spooler unstable" message
    lookforanswers, Aug 5, 2009
  4. lookforanswers

    Malke Guest

    All I can suggest is completely uninstalling the printer software,
    disconnecting the printer (if it's connected), rebooting the machine, and
    then trying again.

    MVP Cari's printing pages are excellent for troubleshooting printers. Her
    tips include how to really completely uninstall a printer and are well worth
    reading through. As she says, even though the information was originally
    written for XP, it is completely applicable to Vista and Win7. The same goes
    for the information from Bruce Sanderson below.

    MVP Cari -

    How to clean up printer drivers - MVP Bruce Sanderson -

    Other than that, you're left with contacting the printer mftr.'s tech

    Malke, Aug 6, 2009
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