Problem: IE7/Yahoo Toolbar/Yahoo Messenger/Windows Service

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Scott Fehr, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. Scott Fehr

    Scott Fehr Guest

    I am experiencing a strange behavior when I launch an instance of IE7 w/Yahoo
    Toolbar enabled from my application which is running as a Windows Service
    (under the "Local System" user. Yahoo Messenger pops up and keeps getting
    focus on every mouse move, mouse click and key press event in the IE7 window,
    rendering the browser useless. If I disable the Yahoo Toolbar, this problem
    will not happen anymore after I close and re-open another instance of IE7,
    but once I re-enable Yahoo Toolbar, the problem starts right back up again.

    This problem does not occur if IE7 is launched manually. This did not
    happen with IE6.

    I am launching IE from my windows service application using the IWebBrowser2
    interface. I have another application that does not run as a service, but
    that uses the same code to launch IE and it works fine. Here is the code for
    launching the browser:

    bool bRet;
    HRESULT rc = CoInitialize( NULL );
    if ( !SUCCEEDED( rc ) )
    return false;

    SHDocVw::IWebBrowser2 *pExplorer = NULL;
    _bstr_t bsWebAddress( strURL.c_str() );

    rc = CoCreateInstance(CLSID_InternetExplorer, NULL, CLSCTX_SERVER,
    IID_IWebBrowser2, (LPVOID *) &pExplorer);

    if ( FAILED( rc ) || pExplorer == NULL )

    if ( pExplorer )
    pExplorer->PutVisible( VARIANT_TRUE );
    pExplorer->Navigate( bsWebAddress );
    catch( _com_error Exception )
    bRet = false;
    } while( false );

    if ( FAILED( rc ) )
    bRet = false;


    Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your help.
    Scott Fehr, Nov 8, 2006
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  2. Scott Fehr

    Puzzled4783 Guest

    Same thing happens to me...I'm getting rid of IE7
    Puzzled4783, Nov 9, 2006
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