Problem: Update Window inside Update Window

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Shohoku79, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. Shohoku79

    Shohoku79 Guest

    Trying to run Microsoft Update on my WinXP Pro SP2 machine. I chose Custom
    after the update is loaded. Now, after the list of updates come up. If I
    click on the side on the Optional Updates to check out what are there (shows

    Now the problem, after clicking on that, it seems that the home page for the
    Microsoft Update is being loaded again within the inner frame of the update
    window. So it has the Update options loaded up on the left side, and inside
    another MU is being loaded in this frame. Clicking on either Express/Custom
    buttons again will eventually hang the browser window.

    Choosing any options that tried to check the installation options will end
    up loading MU inside the MU window.

    Has any one else had this problem?
    Shohoku79, Feb 25, 2007
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  2. Shohoku79

    JBMacGill Guest

    I am having the same problem. I've tried using Windows Update and Microsoft
    Update and the same thing happens in both. I'm currently haveing this
    problem in two of my systems. One running Media Center 2005 and the other
    running Server 2003.

    Could someone please hellp us out?
    JBMacGill, Feb 26, 2007
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  3. Shohoku79

    JBMacGill Guest

    JBMacGill, Feb 26, 2007
  4. Shohoku79

    Shohoku79 Guest

    JBMacGill, you obviously did a more thorough research than I did. Thank you
    so much for that! It really was BC that was causing the problem, once that
    BHO was disabled, MU was working like normal again (though the none of the 4
    optional updates interested me....). Hopefully BC addresses this problem in
    their future updates.

    Thanks again!
    Shohoku79, Feb 27, 2007
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