Problem using diskpart.exe with RIS and WinPE

Discussion in 'Server Setup' started by Matt, Jun 15, 2005.

  1. Matt

    Matt Guest

    I have a Win 2003 Ris server (no service pack) that I use for all server
    builds. I am currently using a boot floppy image and gdisk.exe to build my
    partitions prior to selecting an OS from ris to install on a server. Some of
    our newer hardware (HP DL380 G4) has a conflict with this method so I decided
    to start using WinPE and diskpart.exe to create my partitions. I have
    successfully created a WinPE image on my ris server and I can boot to this
    without a problem. I am receiving an error when running diskpart and am at a
    loss on why. Here are the steps I perform:

    1) Use hardware tools to setup raid on physical disks.

    2) Boot to ris and select WinPE boot image

    3) After WinPE loads I run these commands:
    3.1) diskpart
    3.2) Select disk 0
    3.3) Clean
    3.4) Create partition primary size=10240

    4) After entering the command above there is a 3-5 minute pause and then
    this error is displayed. "The disk management services could not complete
    the operation."

    5) I can then enter "List Partition" and it will show me a 10GB partition.
    I cannot however use the "Active" or "Assign Letter" commands to prepare this
    partition for formatting.

    6) At this point if I reboot and run the EXACT same commands (including the
    clean command) listed in 3.x everything works. I get no errors and am able
    to perform the Active and Assign commands. I can then proceed with
    formatting the drives and starting my OS load.

    I can duplicate this problem over and over. Everytime I wipe out the raid
    array at the hardware level and run diskpart for the first time it fails.
    After rebooting it works.

    Any help with this problem will be greatly appreciated!
    Matt, Jun 15, 2005
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