Problem with links in mails after upgrading from OE to WLM

Discussion in 'Windows Live Mail' started by Nils André Hjelmen, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    I have user Outlook Express for years now, but finally decided to try out
    Windows Live Mail (v12.0.1184). The program is much better than OE on almost
    all points. There is a problem opening html links from mails. Sometimes I
    can click on a link, and it will open (in Opera, my default web browser)
    straight away. Other times i have to click a few times for the page to open,
    but most of the times, the links won't open at all. I actually have to open
    the mail from hotmail on a webbrowser to get the links to work.

    I have searched quite a bit for solutions for this problem, but have not
    found much. Has it been reported as a bug? Is there others than me that has
    the same problem? Is there a fix? I am using Opera 9,23 as my default web
    browser, and Windows XP SP2 as OS.

    Nils André Hjelmen, Sep 9, 2007
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  2. Nils André Hjelmen

    Tom Guest

    I experienced the same problem with WLM build 1184 in my IE7/XP SP2, but the
    new build 1365 appears to have rectified it.

    So far the problem has not reappeared.

    With 1184 I had quite a bit of success by clicking on the link attached to
    the graphic (if available), or by first closing down IE7 - in this latter
    case clicking on the link opened up IE7 and the webpage (often, but not

    Tom, Sep 11, 2007
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