Problem with submit in window.onbeforeunload in a showModalDialog

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Rcallant, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. Rcallant

    Rcallant Guest

    We have a problem with IE8 on Windows7.
    The problem only occurs with IE8 on Windows7, not with IE8 on Vista.

    When you have a form on a page opened in a modal dialog window, when you
    execute a submit of the form on window.onbeforeunload you get a script error
    "Access is Denied" and the form is not submitted.

    Is this a bug in IE8 on Windows7 ?

    Renzo Callant

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    Rcallant, Nov 3, 2009
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  2. Rcallant

    rob^_^ Guest


    Without testing your pages ourselves we cannot comment.

    More than likely, your IE Security zone settings on Win7/IE8 are different
    from your other IE versions test machines.

    You should be targeting the 'Default' security zone settings (press the
    'Default' button for each of your security zones.)

    "Access Denied" errors are associated with "Local Machine Lockdown"

    rob^_^, Nov 3, 2009
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  3. Rcallant

    Rcallant Guest

    Hi Rob,

    i have narrowed the problem down to the following :

    In my modal dialog windows I open a page with a frameset.
    The frameset contains two .htm pages, and the bottom page contains
    the form that needs to be submitted onbeforeunload.
    On Vista with IE8 you do not need to specify a target for the form,
    on Windows7 with IE8 you need to specify a target to avoid the access is
    denied error.

    Problem is that the only target possible now is "_blank", because the frameset
    is closing, which results in a blank page being opened (which is normal) and
    is not want one would want, because the submit of the form needs to happen
    in background.

    Is the way forms are submitted in IE8 different between the older OS
    versions and Windows7 ?
    Why is a submit to "_self" possible in a closing modal dialog on Vista with
    IE8 and not on Windows7 with IE8 ?

    Best regards
    Rcallant, Nov 4, 2009
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