Problem With Windows Vista Build 5384.4 & Realtek ALC882 HD Audio

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by d.chatten, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. d.chatten

    d.chatten Guest

    I have an Asus P5WD2 Premium motherboard that incorporates the ALC882 HD
    audio codec, i have tried installing the last (5254) and latest (5265) beta
    drivers downloaded from the Realtek website for Windows Vista Beta 2 Build
    5384.4, i have also tried the Windows XP drivers from Realtek (1.37, 1.38 &
    The problem i am having is when i install any of the ALC882 HD drivers my
    USB keyboard locks up (stops responding) at the Windows logon screen, even if
    i restart the system, also my USB mouse sometimes (not all the time) has the
    same problem.
    If i restart the system in to safe mode my keyboard works fine but stops
    responding again once i boot back in to normal Windows mode, if i disable the
    Realtek controller from device manager in Windows safe mode then my keyboard
    starts to work normally again, this issue is not pressent with Windows XP
    Pro/Home, this is a Windows Vista only issue.

    Can anyone please shed some light on this issue and also is this a known
    problem withe Windows Vista Beta 2 and the Realtek ALC882 HD Audio or is it
    just me having ths problem?

    I have listed below any system specs that may be relevent, bios version, and
    drivers that have been tested to try and solve this issue.

    Asus P5WD2 Premium (BIOS 0709) (INTEL INF & MICROSOFT VISTA
    Intel Pentium D 930
    Corsair XMS2 TWIN2X1024A-5400UL (TOTAL 2.00GB)
    Western Digital Raptor WD740GD X2 (MICROSOFT VISTA DRIVERS)
    Saitek Eclipse Illuminated Keyboard USB (MICROSOFT VISTA DRIVERS)

    Thanks for any help anyone can provide.
    d.chatten, Jun 15, 2006
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  2. d.chatten

    Clark Guest

    Personally, I think you need to spend some more money on your computer! ;)

    It is too bad you did not try the audio drivers with the basic Vista drivers
    for your USB and mouse and such. Maybe it would not have conflicted with
    those. Does that motherboard bios have any type settings for resolving
    conflicts? Maybe booting a few times with the bios set to "No PnP OS
    installed". With Vista, this type of thing may not help, but who knows.

    Clark, Jun 15, 2006
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  3. d.chatten

    d.chatten Guest

    I did try the basic vista beta drivers but only the front panel audio would
    work, rear panel wasn't detected at all using the vista drivers, also there
    was no conflicts untill i install the realtek drivers.
    d.chatten, Jun 15, 2006
  4. d.chatten

    d.chatten Guest

    I also forgot to mention that i never use any drivers for my keyboard or
    mouse, the Windows drivers seem to do a good job as they are.
    d.chatten, Jun 15, 2006
  5. Please file this with MS via the feedback link. Yes there are many issues
    with audio and usb both remaining in Vista. Even if everything was working,
    the fact that you are struggling with it is significant feedback.
    Colin Barnhorst, Jun 16, 2006

  6. I can also certify that i had the same problem when i tried those drivers.
    I have a p5gd1 mobo with usb mouse and keyboard. To get back up i had to
    boot in safe mode, remove those drivers, then reboot back into normal mode
    and let vista install it's own drivers. The vista drivers only give me my
    front speakers too, no sub or rear sound at all.
    Shawn McWilliams, Jun 17, 2006
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